New original anime “Pon no Michi” gives further insights in the first trailer

New original anime “Pon no Michi” gives further insights in the first trailer

A few months ago, Studio OLM, known for the Pokémon TV series, announced its new original anime Pon no Michi . A first trailer for the series was recently released (see below), which also presents the opening.

The Japanese TV premiere of Pon no Michi is planned for January 2024 , an exact date has not yet been set. Studio OLM produces this original anime directed by Tatsuma Minamikawa, who also writes the screenplay. The original character designs are by mangaka Negi Haruba and animated by Kenji Ota. The music composition is done by Sachiko Takahashi, Takuma Sogi, Hisakuni, Riko Ohashi, Kanji Eguchi and Shari.

Kana Nakada, former member of the idol group Nogizaka46 and now a professional Mahjong player, provides the opening Ponpopopon . Pon no Michi is the first original production to be realized by Kodansha.



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This is what Pon no Michi is about:

Nashiko Tobase, a high school student living in Onomichi, Hiroshima, gets into trouble when she is kicked out of her home. “I don’t have a place where I can play with my friends…” she complains. When Nashiko learns that her father's former mahjong house is now an empty building, she and her friends Pai and Izumi decide to transform the place into a meeting place for everyone. Cooking there, drinking tea and sometimes even playing mahjong… It's a story about the importance of everyday life becoming something special.

Source: Twitter , Official Website Images: © IIS-P/ぽんのみち製作委員会

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