Nintendo Direct announced: What we can expect according to the latest leaks

Nintendo Direct announced: What we can expect according to the latest leaks

It was just a matter of time. We've been expecting the next big Nintendo Direct for weeks. Now it's official: A 40-minute presentation will take place on Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 4 p.m. German time. During the Direct we will be presented with updates on Nintendo Switch games for the rest of 2023 and early 2024. You can find out what we might expect below.

In the past few days, the well-known leaker Pyoro has reported on what we can expect from the next edition. Pyoro has made a name for himself in recent months and his predictions have so far proven to be correct without exception, earning him a reputation as an extremely trustworthy person.

Everyone should have heard of him after his revelations at the last Direct in June. Back then, he not only predicted a new 2D Mario called “Wonder,” but also the release of Metal Gear Collection . Last weekend he was active again and shared one piece of information after another on Twitter (X).

Pyoro's current statements

Firstly, the obvious: Princess Peach 's new game, which is due out next year. According to the post, the game could be called Princess Peach's Showtime , which would fit well with the stage aesthetic of the announcement trailer.

Remakes of a Nintendo DS and a Nintendo Wii game are also being discussed. Pyoro leaves a lot of room for speculation here. It is unclear whether these games could have anything to do with each other. These may be old The Legend of Zelda titles that are currently being rumored.

The next two statements on our list are particularly exciting. For one, Pyoro shared several clips of the fight between Donkey Kong and Mario from the Super Mario Bros. movie. His statements point to a Mario vs. Donkey Kong game . This may also mean the DS remake. However, a completely new offshoot or perhaps even a new Donkey Kong Country game would be desirable.

And last but not least, says Pyoro, “fans of a certain MATLAB function should be happy with the upcoming Direct” . I'm sorry, what? MATLAB is a scientific programming tool. If you turn on Google, you'll quickly find out what Pyoro wants to tell us. One MATLAB function looks familiar to Nintendo fans: fzero() .

That can mean a lot of things at first. Could it be F-Zero for Nintendo Switch Online? Or maybe a remaster or even a remake of an older F-Zero part? Or is it a completely new game? Guess we'll have to wait until the Direct to find out…


Or not? Leaker markomaro has also been active in the last few days and has been throwing information around. Last time he knew in advance that a new Princess Peach game was coming out.

This time too he posted a cryptic message full of emojis. With the help of Pyoro's leaks and a little Nintendo knowledge, you can interpret these emojis pretty well. His leak explicitly mentions F-Zero X , the N64 offshoot of the series.

There could also be two announcements about Mario games. Luigi's Mansion 2 HD and the upcoming Princess Peach game are mentioned separately, so they are not included. Then there is also talk of a Donkey Kong game. The “6” here rather indicates a new Donkey Kong Country .

Then we have Metroid Prime X2 . So will the Metroid Prime 2 remaster be announced? Or will we get announcements about two series spin-offs? Maybe we'll get Metroid Prime 2 and Metroid Prime 3 in a double pack. Or, in addition to the remaster of the second part, we finally get news about the long-awaited fourth part.

The latter is a little trickier. A fire symbol and the letter R can be seen. This could indicate a remake of a Fire Emblem game. We will probably only find out whether this assumption is true after the Nintendo Direct is broadcast.

Enjoy the leaks with caution!

Even if the leakers have been known for their reliability in recent months, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are right on everything this time too. So don't take the leaks as absolute certainty and don't set your expectations too high.

It is also expected that the Nintendo Direct will include other announcements that were not mentioned in the leaks. The new Wario Ware: Move It! and the remake of Super Mario RPG will certainly be mentioned again and there is even the possibility that information about the successor console to the Nintendo Switch will be presented.

The Nintendo Direct will take place on September 14, 2023 at 4 p.m. German time. The show will be approximately 40 minutes long and will focus primarily on games scheduled to be released this year.

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