That was the aniMUC 2023 – our report on the convention

That was the aniMUC 2023 – our report on the convention

May 16, 2023

On the weekend of April 28th to 30th, 2023, the monastery grounds in Fürstenfeldbruck were once again enlivened by cosplayers and lovers of (Japanese) pop culture. The aniMUC , the largest anime and manga convention in southern Germany, took place for the 13th time. This year's theme of aniMUC revolved around the concept of cafés, with a special focus on maid cafés, which contributed to a special atmosphere and unique events at the convention. In addition to guests of honor from all over the world, a varied supporting program, workshops, panels and competitions, visitors could look forward to partly bright sunshine.

Sold out aniMUC attracts thousands of visitors

More than 7,000 fans flocked to this year's aniMUC throughout the weekend, so that the convention was completely sold out, as in previous years. In addition, there were visitors without con tickets who looked around outside the closed area. As in the previous year, the area was fenced off and the con tickets were personalized. As a result, visitors had to check in and out when entering and leaving the site, which of course meant additional work for the aniMUC. Despite these circumstances, the entire team was able to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

As usual, the range of show acts, workshops and panels on Friday was still manageable. Due to the unstable weather, many visitors crowded into the first seminar rooms, the barn or the town hall, where the obligatory opening event took place after the first acts. Also this year the “Rainbow Riders” moderated on the big stage over the whole weekend. During the opening event, the program items for the three days were explained in more detail and all guests of honor, such as artist Inna Vjuzhanina or cosplayer Sweet Angel (miciaglo), were introduced. This was followed by the cosplay catwalk , followed later in the evening by the first aniMUC poetrySLAM – an event where poets could present their works in front of an audience. In the small hall, instead of the usual cosplay ball, there was the aniMUC disco with an atmospheric night café for the first time.

Sunshine, power failure and music from Japan

The sun was shining on the second day of the convention and the weather was ideal for laying out a picnic blanket on the large lawn. In addition, the program was filled with show acts, workshops and competitions – there was something for every taste. Unfortunately, there was a widespread power failure in the morning, which is why we had to improvise temporarily without technology in the town hall. Unfortunately, the corona virus didn't seem to show any mercy this year either, which meant that the premiere of the Berlin musical group Serenata had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, many other show acts, such as those from Flying Sushi Theater , Daremo Shujinkoo or the band TANUK I, delighted the audience. There was also a diverse selection in the workshop area, such as a dubbing workshop for anyone who wanted to take a look behind the scenes.

Also on the third and last day, visitors could enjoy various offers in addition to the wonderful weather outdoors. In the morning, the band THE TOMBOYS, who had traveled from Japan, got the German fans in the mood with cover songs and their own compositions. But Sunday was quickly coming to an end, and during the closing event the last winners of all competitions and the date of aniMUC 2024 (April 5th to 7th, 2024) were announced. In addition, it was announced that the national final of the European Cosplay Gathering will be held at Connichi from next year.

Historical backdrops: photography in the Legal Library

Away from the aniMUC site on the monastery site in Fürstenfeldbruck, cosplayers and photographers had a unique opportunity to use a historical backdrop: in cooperation with the Munich City Library, a limited number of participants were allowed to stage their photos in the impressive Legal Library in the City Hall.

Unfortunately, the monastery church, which served as a perfect photo motif for many visitors over the years, was covered by scaffolding due to renovation work. However, the organizers reacted flexibly and secured the baroque garden of the monastery church, which is normally only open between May and October, as an exclusive backdrop. This offered cosplayers and photographers an appealing alternative. There was also a games room, a karaoke room and the Matsuri in the outdoor area, which provided additional entertainment.


Patrick's opinion:

The aniMUC 2023 was fabulous again and well organized despite the increased effort due to the fenced area and personalized tickets. The range of events, workshops and panels was varied, but there was a lack of really unusual program items, especially on Friday and Sunday. Unfortunately, the small number of Japanese guests of honor was also disappointing. In addition, the time overlap with the Manga Comic Con had a negative effect on the dealer presence, so that well-known anime labels and manga publishers were missing at the aniMUC. This raises alarming questions about the prioritization of the largest convention in southern Germany. In addition, the limited space in the threshing floor was noticeable on rainy days when an unlimited number of visitors were allowed to enter. Nevertheless, the café in the Tenne offered a pleasant change and should continue to be represented in the future. Overall, the aniMUC 2023 was a successful event for fans of (Japanese) pop culture, although there is some room for improvement.

Kay's opinion:

The aniMUC 2023 had different facets, both good and bad. Fürstenfeldbruck Abbey is undoubtedly a beautiful backdrop against which some cosplay can be staged – at least if the weather cooperates, which was not always the case this year. However, the weather cannot be planned and the organizers cannot be given negative credit for it. What could have been planned, however, is the timing of the convention itself. The overlap with the MCC in Leipzig was awkward at best, as it meant there was no major publisher of any kind, which didn't do the sales area any favours. I myself came and went without buying anything. All in all, the aniMUC is a convention with a lot of potential due to the location, which has not yet been fully exploited. Therefore it cannot yet be combined with other conventions such as e.g. B. keep up with the AnimagiC. More Japanese guests of honor and the presence of local publishers could help here.

John's opinion:

Despite some unexpected complications, the aniMUC 2023 was surprisingly successful and offered a great event. When the weather was good, the typical aniMUC feeling returned and many visitors enjoyed the days. The idea and implementation of the Maid Café inspired me. My personal highlight was the cover band TANUKI , who delivered an outstanding show on Saturday evening. However, what bothered me in recent years and again this year was the demarcation of the site and the associated ticket controls, which were made more difficult by internet problems. I am also critical of the move of Bring & Buy from the threshing floor to the room above the games room. There was not enough space by far, which posed a safety risk in the crowded corridors and you often had to queue for more than an hour. I hope this decision will be reconsidered. I also wish that in the future animals and small children under the age of five will not be admitted to the event. There were cases where mothers were allowed into the Stadtsaal with their one- to two-year-old children, who then began to cry because of the high volume of the stage programme. Dogs were also sighted, which were almost overrun in the crowds. Unfortunately, the staff of the Con did not react to corresponding information.

We would like to thank the aniMUC for providing the press tickets and supplying them on these days. 🙂

Images: Patrick Snir (ITweakIT)

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