Best kettle: 6 recommended models for the kitchen

Best kettle: 6 recommended models for the kitchen

With a kettle you bring water to a boil quickly. The kitchen appliances are not only practical, they can also visually enhance your kitchen. We present six recommended models and tell you what you should look out for when buying.

KitchenAid 5KEK1522 Artisan: retro kettle with temperature setting


The KitchenAid device becomes an eye-catcher in the kitchen. Image: © KitchenAid 2022

The KitchenAid 5KEK1522 Artisan kettle is one of the premium kettles in our comparison. It is quite expensive, as is typical for KitchenAid, but you get high-quality workmanship and practical functions. The kettle in the shape of a kettle is available in a stylish retro look made of stainless steel. The capacity is 1.5 liters. Thanks to the 2,400 watts of power, it quickly boils water.

An anti-limescale filter ensures that you always have optimal water quality. The highlight: The temperature of the kettle can be easily adjusted using the slider on the base. You can choose between seven different temperature levels. Also practical: the temperature display above the kettle. The level indicator shows the amount of water. The device also has overheating and boil-dry protection. In addition to the price, the high weight of approx. 2 kilograms is a disadvantage.

KitchenAid 5KEK1522ECA Buy now from

Bosch TWK7S05: With overheating and boil-dry protection


Space for lots of water: 1.7 liters of water fit in the Bosch kettle. Image: © Bosch 2022

The Bosch TWK7S05 kettle is significantly cheaper than the Kitchen Aid product. Visually, Bosch relies on a jug shape made of high-quality stainless steel for its device. You even get 1.7 liters of capacity. The power of the Bosch device is 2,200 watts so that the water is quickly heated or brought to the boil.

In addition to a level indicator and an anti-limescale filter, the TWK7S06 has overheating protection . The kettle is comfortable to hold, but weighs 1.7 kilograms. The temperature cannot be set individually, and there is also no temperature display.

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WMF 04.1301.0012: kettle for the small purse


The WMF kettle is particularly cheap. Image: © WMF 2022

The WMF 04.1301.0012 kettle doesn't have any big frills. WMF relies on a jug shape made of stainless steel for the device. The device has space for 1.2 liters of water. You can use the level indicator to easily read the amount of water. Although the WMF device is comparatively cheap, it has an output of 2,200 watts.

In addition to an anti-limescale filter and overheating protection, the kettle has boil-dry protection. This ensures that the heating element is automatically switched off as soon as there is no more water in the kettle. It also shuts down if water runs out of the appliance during cooking. The highlight: the level indicator lights up blue during cooking. Another advantage: the low weight of just under a kilo.

WMF 04.1301.0012 Buy now at

KOENIC KWK 22221 M: With blue LED lighting


The KOENIC kettle is a feast for the eyes. Image: © KOENIC 2022

With the KOENIC KWK 22221 M you get a good kettle for well under 100 euros. In addition to a decent 2,200 watts of power for boiling water quickly, it has a capacity of 2 liters. The device consists partly of stainless steel and partly of high-quality glass . The kettle has an anti-limescale filter, an automatic switch-off and an adjustable temperature . The level indicator shows you how much water is in the device.

Anyone who likes something extra will get their money's worth with the KOENIC kettle: An LED light shines during the cooking process. When the water is at the desired temperature, you take the kettle off the base and the LED lighting disappears. The weight of the device is just over a kilo.

KOENIC KWK 22221 M Buy now from

Russell Hobbs 24360-70: Noble kettle with quick-boil function


In the kitchen, the Russell Hobbs device becomes an eye-catcher. Image: © Russell Hobbs 2022

Russell Hobbs kitchen appliances often come in a chic retro design. However, the 24360-70 kettle is anything but retro. The housing consists of structured high-gloss plastic with chrome applications. This makes the kettle an eye-catcher in your kitchen. Thanks to the 2,400 watts of power, it only takes 55 seconds for a cup of water to boil, according to the manufacturer. The capacity is sufficient 1.7 liters.

In addition to the obligatory limescale filter, the device offers overheating and dry-running protection. A big plus is the integrated quick-cooking function. According to the manufacturer, water can be boiled in a short time in a particularly energy-saving manner. The weight of the device is just over a kilo.

Russell Hobbs 24360-70 Buy now from

Nedis KAWK510EGY: Practical kettle at a fair price


The Nedis kettle is visually something completely different. Image: © Nedis 2022

The Nedis KAWK510EGY kettle is available in a special look made of stainless steel, wood and rubber – the perfect eye-catcher in your kitchen. The 2,200 watts of power ensure that you don't have to wait too long for water for tea or soup. The Nedis device has a capacity of 1.7 liters.

The integrated anti-limescale filter always ensures optimal water quality. There is no overheating protection, but the device does have boil-dry protection on board. You can use the level indicator to read the amount of water. The KAWK510EGY weighs approximately 1.2 kilograms.

Nedis KAWK510EGY Buy now at

Buying a kettle: You should pay attention to this

Kochendes Wasser sagt den Flecken den Kampf an.

Before you buy a kettle, there are a few things you should consider. Image: © urfinguss/iStock/Thinkstock 2017

Kettles are designed to bring water to a boil quickly. For this to work, the heating element on which the device stands should have a high wattage. An output of approx. 2,000 watts is sufficient for normal household use. A kettle should also be handy and not too heavy. It is also practical if the lid on the handle can be opened simply by pressing a button.

Kettles come with either a concealed or an exposed heating element. A concealed heating element is always a better choice as it is easier to clean. If the heating element is exposed, you can see the heating coil on the bottom of the device when the lid is open.

Many kettles have a 360 degree base. The device can therefore be placed on the base in all directions and you don't have to look for the correct alignment first. Good kettles also have an anti-limescale filter and overheating and boil-dry protection. With kettles in the higher price segment, you can even set the water temperature individually. If you want, you can also get the kitchen appliances with chic LED lighting.


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