Monday greetings on WhatsApp: Free ideas to copy & share

Monday greetings on WhatsApp: Free ideas to copy & share

Send your friends Monday greetings on WhatsApp and sweeten the start of what is probably the least popular day of the week. Here you will find free ideas for sayings and pictures – to copy and share or to make yourself.

Do you already know the shortest horror story in the world? Monday. That's it. The rather unpopular day of the week already puts many people in a bad mood on Sunday. But you can make it a little easier for you and your friends. True to the motto "a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved" you can joke about Monday together. Or you can send lovely Monday greetings and put a smile on the faces of your WhatsApp contacts. We present a few ideas and give tips.

Take that Monday! Funny Monday sayings to copy

  • Everything was better before. For example yesterday, it was Sunday…
  • I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure that gravity is at its strongest when you're lying in bed on a Monday morning.
  • Mondays are great, Mondays never disappoint you: you expect the worst and most of the time your expectations are exceeded.
  • Monday is my seventh favorite day of the week!
  • So far I only know that it is a Monday. The full extent of the catastrophe cannot yet be estimated.
  • What a coincidence: the bad mood today falls on a Monday.
  • The "F" in "Monday" stands for joy.
  • Every day is a gift? Then I would like to know where I can exchange the Monday.
  • Let's look at it positively: It's the last Monday for this week.
  • Every Monday I have Robinson Crusoe Syndrome: I wait for Friday!
  • Checklist for Monday: coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.
  • Good morning! The coffee is already on. It's not going to be more sporty today.

After all, coffee can smile on Monday mornings… Image: © Pexels/kaboompics 2022

  • No matter how many personalities you have – on Mondays nobody wants to get up.
  • Can we maybe skip Monday today? It's back next week…
  • Anyone who smiles on Mondays is taking the right drugs.
  • Do you write Monday with one middle finger or two?
  • Monday: the day you meet people you haven't missed all weekend!
  • Monday is the day you think about the weekend for the first time.
  • Nothing is more annoying on a Friday than realizing it's only Monday.
  • Monday is welcome to call it a day earlier today.
  • Who invented Monday? I do not need him. A second Sunday would be much better.
  • Why is Monday so far away from Friday? But Friday so close to Monday?
  • The weekend is wonderful, only the end with the Monday urgently needs to be revised!

"Do you know that feeling when you get up on Monday and are in top shape? No? Neither do I!" Image: © Pixabay/ulleo 2022

  • Monday is also a kind of jungle exam…
  • Someday I'll marry Monday, gain his trust, and then kill the pig!
  • Dear Monday, I'm breaking up with you. I'll meet up with Tuesday to dream about Friday. Believe me, it's you, not me.
  • I'll be late for work on Monday! When? Tuesday.
  • There are days when you should just sleep in – for example Monday to Friday.
  • For some it's Monday, for me it's the first step towards the weekend.
  • Too cold! Too early! To Monday!
  • Another word for Monday? Torture.
  • Monday: the intern among the weekdays.
  • I checked: The weekend was too short.
  • I do not feel well. I think it's Monday.
  • How was your weekend? Light, dark, light, dark, Monday.
  • What do you call people who are in a good mood even on Mondays? Pensioner.
  • Wake me up when Monday is over.
  • Imagine it's Monday and no one goes.

Monday greetings on WhatsApp: send love sayings

  • Have a beautiful good morning! Have a stress-free start into the new week.
  • Good morning, dear Monday! A new day, a lot to experience.
  • If no one has told you today: Good morning and nice that you exist!
  • The older you get, the less important the Mondays become. Why? It's getting fewer and fewer. Enjoy every single day!
  • Dancing into the new week in a good mood – even a Monday can be nice. I wish you a great day!
  • First a coffee, then the new week can start. Good morning!
  • Good morning May your coffee be strong today and your Monday short!
  • It's Monday. Don't forget to be phenomenal as always.
  • Happy Monday to you and have a stress-free week!
  • No matter how hard the always unpopular Monday morning is, I wish you a happy start to the new week.
  • "A new day beckons to new shores." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  • "I think I've figured out what the week is good for. Namely, to recover from boring Sundays." (Mark Twain)

Here you will find pictures with sayings to share on WhatsApp

If you are looking for Monday pictures to share and send, you will find them on these pages:

If these – admittedly not very contemporary – pictures are not your thing, you can search the social networks for suitable sayings and pictures. Hashtags like #montagssprueche or #mondaymood will help you with your search. Or you can just do it yourself and create Monday greetings for WhatsApp. We'll tell you how easy it is.

Tinker Monday greetings for WhatsApp yourself – with free pictures


And suddenly it's Monday again… Photo: © Pexels/Marieclaude Vergne/ 2022

A free picture, a suitable saying and a simple image editing program – that's all you need to easily make Monday greetings yourself. You can find free images with a Creative Commons license at Pexels or Pixabay, for example. You can simply choose a suitable saying from our list above. And then it starts: open the image in the image editing program – you can do this on a PC or smartphone – add text, save, done. Your self-made Monday greeting is then ready to be sent.


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