Fitness tracker for swimming: top models at a glance

Fitness tracker for swimming: top models at a glance

If you tirelessly swim lengths in the pool, you don't need just any wearable – you need a waterproof fitness tracker for swimming! This list of smart swimming gadgets tells you which fitness trackers don't go under in the comparison.

Fitbit Charge 5: The waterproof all-rounder

The Charge 5 is an all-rounder suitable for swimming: Thanks to the integrated GPS, the tracker for the wrist precisely determines distances, pace and lengths covered. Basically, the Fitbit tracker is waterproof up to a water depth of 50 meters. However, the manufacturer advises against regular, deep dives.

The gadget offers many other functions. For example, you can measure your heart rate, check incoming messages and calls on the display or pay with the Charge 5 at the checkout.

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Apple Watch Series 8: For swimmers with an iPhone


The Apple Watch Series 8 even automatically recognizes different swimming styles. Image: © Apple 2022

For Apple fans, the Apple Watch Series 8 is the perfect companion for the pool hall or open water. Apple smartwatches have been waterproof since the second generation and can even withstand dives to a depth of 50 meters. The pre-installed training app of the Series 8 offers a lot of possibilities to track the swimming training.

The Apple Watch Series 8 records, among other things, the duration of the workout, the distance covered, the calories burned, and the average pace and heart rate. In addition, the smartwatch automatically recognizes the respective swimming style and even the change between swimming styles.

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Amazfit GTS 4: For amateur athletes who love cool water


The Amazfit GTS4 is a good smartwatch for athletes who like to go swimming. Image: © Amazefit 2022

If you do a lot of sport and occasionally include swimming in your workout plan, then the Amazfit GTS 4 could be a good choice for you. The smartwatch is specially tailored for fitness and offers more than 150 sports programs, including swimming and other water sports.

The Amazfit GTS 4 is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. Thanks to the large AMOLED display, you can easily read the distance covered, duration and calories burned even during swimming training. Since the Amazfit GTS 4 has a GPS module, it is also ideal for training in open water.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit2: The low-budget variant

Der Samsung Galaxy Fit2 ist schlicht und günstig.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is simple and affordable. Image: © Samsung 2020

With the Galaxy Fit2 from Samsung, you can move about in the cool water without hesitation. However, you have to do without GPS. But this fitness tracker is unbeatably cheap and available for less than 50 euros. The gadget offers many additional functions, such as a stress level display and automatic workout recognition.

In addition, the Galaxy Fit2 reminds you to wash your hands and gives you an overview of your sleeping habits. As with the Fitbit model, you can also see incoming calls and messages on the tracker's display and respond to them with ready-made short answers. The battery life of 21 days is also unbeatable.

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Garmin Swim 2: Luxury training watch for swimmers

The Garmin Swim 2 is not a simple fitness tracker, but a full-fledged training watch that supports ambitious swimmers. The smartwatch tracks the distance you have covered, analyzes your pace and swimming strokes and even recognizes which swimming style you are in. In addition to GPS, a heart rate monitor is also integrated into the watch and an alarm function that uses acoustic signals to help you keep the right swimming pace.

In addition, you can create your own workouts, set recovery timers and keep an eye on your personal "Critical Swim Speed". The function package is not cheap. You have to plan more than 200 euros for the Garmin Swim 2, but you have a real swimming professional tool on your wrist.

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