iPhone 15 should get titanium body and rounded corners

iPhone 15 should get titanium body and rounded corners

With the iPhone 15, Apple could make its first major design change in years. According to a new rumor, the new Apple smartphone will have a titanium case and rounded corners again on the back.

From the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 14, less has changed optically. The latest iPhone generations all use aluminum and a lot of glass as well as a flat frame. The edges are no longer rounded as in previous models, which makes the design appear more angular. While it looks snazzy, critics say previous iPhones with rounded corners felt better in the hand.

With the iPhone 15, Apple could now make another U-turn. As Twitter user ShrimpApplePro claims, Apple will reintroduce rounded corners with the upcoming iPhone. He is concerned with the rear edge of the frame, as he wants to make clear using two pictures. He also claims to have learned that the iPhone 15 will have a titanium case.

iPhone 15: How can we imagine the new design?

As far as the titanium case is concerned, the leaker could be right. Corresponding rumors already existed before the iPhone 14, as Apple has been experimenting with titanium cases for its products for some time. According to MacRumors, this is supported by corresponding patents, for example. Compared to aluminum, titanium is harder and not as prone to scratches. The material is already used in the Apple Watch Ultra.

The rounded corners are reminiscent of the current MacBook Pro models (14 and 16 inches). Their edges are not flat like on the iPhone, but are rounded at the bottom. The iPhone 5c from 2013 with its colorful plastic case also had rounded corners. As a result, the Apple model may not look as chic as the iPhone 14, but it proves to be a real hand flatterer.

The iPhone 15 is expected in September 2023. It should appear in four variants and be equipped with a USB-C instead of a Lightning connector.


Can we imagine the new iPhone design like the iPhone 5c? Image: © Apple 2022


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