For nerds and gamers: cool gift ideas for Christmas

For nerds and gamers: cool gift ideas for Christmas

Only a few days until Christmas and you still haven't gotten all your presents? But then the final sprint! We help with our top list of the coolest gift ideas especially for gamers and nerds.

For PC gamers: Xbox wireless controller with wireless adapter

Auch für PC der Standard: Xbox Gamepad

Also the standard for PC: the Xbox gamepad. Image: © Microsoft 2022

Don't let the name fool you: Although the Xbox Wireless Controller was specially developed for the Xbox consoles, the gamepad has also been the standard reference on the PC for years. There are many good reasons for the Xbox controller: the ergonomic design, the easily accessible joysticks and buttons with a clear pressure point, the universal game support or the battery compartment for 2 AA batteries (better: rechargeable batteries).

The set with the wireless adapter is particularly useful. It equips every PC with the Xbox's low-latency wireless system. This gives the wireless controller a response time that is hardly inferior to wired variants. Alternatively, the gamepad has Bluetooth on board and works even with tablets and smartphones. If the batteries are empty, the pad works just as well via a connected USB-C cable. The Xbox Wireless Controller is a must-have for gamers!

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For PS5 gamers: An additional DualSense controller


The current DualSense controller for the PS5. Picture:

Every year again: Yes, the PS5 is still a scarce commodity even at Christmas 2022. However, if you are finally the proud owner of a PlayStation 5, you probably want to buy an additional controller. Many PlayStation 5 bundles are only available in stores with a DualSense controller. You want to play some games together with friends in multiplayer on the couch at home.

Lone warriors, on the other hand, are happy about a charged second controller if the main pad runs out of juice far too early. Sony offers an excellent product with the official DualSense controller . By the way: In the meantime, it also works without any problems on the PC via cable or Bluetooth. A few games even support the special DualSense functions. The wireless controller is available in many colors, so there is something for everyone!

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For PS5 online junkies: Pulse 3D Gaming Headset

3D Audio mit dem Pulse 3D für die PS5.

3D audio with the Pulse 3D for the PS5. Image: © Sony 2022

Whether "Warzone" or "Fortnite", communication is essential in online gaming. It's just as important to hear your opponent coming and determine their position before you even see them. That's exactly what Sony promises for the Pulse 3D , which was specially developed for the Playstation 5's new 3D audio system. Two built-in microphones ensure clear communication with the teammates at all times. Sleek, futuristic and well-suited to the PS5, the design is a refreshing change in the gaming headset market. And thanks to Bluetooth, the headset also works with a PC, Mac or smartphone!

Sony Pulse 3D Headset Buy now at

For Xbox players: A subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate


Xbox Game Pass: That's where gamer's eyes start to light up! Image: © Microsoft 2018

Fortunately, it has been constant for years: The Xbox Game Pass is an unbeatable deal for owners of the Microsoft console – or fans of cloud gaming. Anyone who subscribes to the service has access to a catalog of well over 100 games with their console or browser , which can be played and downloaded to the console at no additional cost. In the Ultimate version, the membership also includes a subscription to Xbox Live Gold, which is required to play online with the console. Game Pass for PC is also included, although there are fewer games for this platform. A quarter of the year with the all-round carefree package for Xbox fans costs just under 40 euros.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3 months) Buy now at

For Nintendo Switch fans: Micro SD card


It doesn't matter whether it's a switch (OLED) or a switch lite: they both need more memory! Picture:

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console with a lot of fans. However, all owners probably agree on one central point of criticism: the part has far too little memory! The 32 gigabytes inside fill up really quickly, especially if you mainly buy your games as downloads in the eShop. However, the memory can easily be expanded with a micro SD card . An additional 128 GB help a lot and are comparatively cheap. 256 GB is even better and not much more expensive either.

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For gamers with streaming ambitions: Elgato Stream Deck Mini

More and more game fans are now broadcasting their hobby live on the Internet. If you know someone who has ambitions as a game streamer, you can make him or her very happy with the Elgato Stream Deck Mini . The accessory helps to control and mix different video and audio signals at the push of a button – it is a kind of mini command center for your own online games TV station. The Stream Deck Mini may not be a cheap Christmas present, but it is a very useful one.

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For "Witcher" fans: mug with wolf school emblem

Für einen zünftigen Umtrunk unter Monsterjägern: der Witcher-Krug.

For a hearty drink among monster hunters: the "Witcher" mug. Image: © Grupo Erik 2022

The witcher had a clear upswing again recently. The second season of the Netflix series received a lot of attention and good reviews. In December there will be a graphically heavily revised version of the bestseller " Witcher 3" including ray tracing – as a free update! Fans should drink to that. Best from the stylistically appropriate "The Witcher" replica mug . Of course, you have to give it to a fan from your circle of acquaintances beforehand. If you buy two, you can toast together – in proper style with mead or another drink of your choice.

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Or do you prefer games?

If you would rather give away a game for Christmas, you should first find out which consoles or what kind of PC the recipient has. Genre preferences are also important. Recommended games that were released in 2022 for PC, PS4/PS5 and Xbox Series X/S alike are, for example, " Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II ", "Return to Monkey Island", " Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga "" or " Sonic Frontiers ". For the Switch, on the other hand, there are "Pokémon Crimson & Purple ", " Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury " or " Kirby and the Forgotten Land ".


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