Microsoft's Iconic Xbox 360 Controller Returns After 17 Years

Microsoft's Iconic Xbox 360 Controller Returns After 17 Years

Hyperkin brings back the iconic Xbox 360 controller to modern consoles and PC. The accessories manufacturer announced this on the 17th birthday of the Xbox 360. The Hyperkin Xenon will take up the original design, but will be modernized in a few places.

On November 22, 2022, on the 17th anniversary of the Xbox 360 release, Hyperkin announced via Twitter that it would revive the controller from Microsoft's cult console. The officially licensed gamepad is to be released under the Xenon name – the code name of the Xbox 360 before its official unveiling at the E3 video and computer games fair in 2005. The Hyperkin Xenon will be compatible with modern Microsoft consoles and the PC, ie the Xbox Series S and X as well as Windows 10 and 11.

Hyperkin Xenon: Old design with a modern twist

The new edition of the Xbox 360 controller will largely pick up the old design according to the first render images from Hyperkin. The biggest change is likely to be the addition of menu, view, and share buttons, like those found on the current Xbox Series S and Series X controllers. A 3.5 mm jack for headphones is also on board. Unlike the original, however, the new edition will only work with a cable: The Hyperkin Xenon is connected to the console or PC via USB-C cable.

Hyperkin also revealed the colors in which the controller should appear. So you'll be able to choose between the original Xbox 360 white, black, red and pink. However, the price and release date are not yet known. Taking Hyperkin's reissue of the original Xbox controller as a reference, released in 2017 under the Duke name and priced at $70, expect a comparatively hefty price tag for the Xenon.


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