Party games for PS4 & PS5: These games will make your party a hit!

Party games for PS4 & PS5: These games will make your party a hit!

Are you looking for good party games for the PS4 or PS5 that you and your friends can use to pass the time? We have a few games for you here that will really heat up the atmosphere.

1. "Overcooked! + Overcooked! 2": Double kitchen panic!

Couch co-op couldn't get any more chaotic – and that's what makes "Overcooked!" + "Overcooked! 2" so much fun! With up to four players, you travel through time, fight undead breads and cook your way through the colorful world of international cuisine. The levels around you and your kitchen team are constantly changing and occasional fires in the kitchen are the order of the day – tranquility looks different.

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2. "Gang Beasts": Jelly Brawl

In the slapstick fight game " Gang Beasts " up to four players can let their aggression run free and hit each other's bells with the colorful jelly figures. The whole thing is really fun because the wobbly fighters control themselves really lazily and have chosen dangerous places for the fights. Whether on train tracks, ice floes or on an airship – whoever falls down loses. And since the jelly fighters are already wobbling around uncontrollably, the game can also be played perfectly when drunk.

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3. "Team Sonic Racing": Karting action without blue tank

"Mario Kart" is one of the most popular party games, even if the use of the blue tank has certainly killed a few friends. With " Team Sonic Racing" there is an equal fun racer alternative for the PS4 and PS5 including unusual routes, many different vehicles and of course a large number of mean power-ups. Locally, four players can burn the tires simultaneously in various Grand Prix, demonstration races, time trials and team adventures.

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4. "The Quarry": Interactive horror film

In "The Quarry" ( PS5 version ), you slip into the roles of several counselors at a summer camp for teenagers. After the summer camp is over, the group of counselors decide to spend one last night at the camp together – a bad decision. Because last night will end fatally for some of the characters. You determine who sees the light of day the next day with your decisions. If you gamble together, up to eight players can each take on a character. And how many of you are still alive the next morning?

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5. "Knowledge is power": Quiz & puzzles via smartphone controller

With PlayLink for PS4, Sony has launched a new type of game that allows you to use your smartphone as a controller. Each player simply downloads a corresponding app onto their mobile phone and one of the social party games can be started. " Knowledge is Power " or "That's You" in particular are ideal for playing a fun round of quizzes with friends – the camera and touch display are also used here. You can even play the well-known karaoke game "Sing Star" via PlayLink. We've gathered the best PlayLink party games here .

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6. "Just Dance 2022": Who puts the faster sole on the floor?

Good music and brisk moves are part of every good party. So why not combine the whole thing directly with a game? In " Just Dance 2022" ( PS5 version ) your guests can present their best dance moves and engage in hot dance battles. With 40 songs, current chart toppers and great classics are available to choose from. And if that's not enough, you can add over 700 more tracks to your playlist in Just Dance Unlimited.

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7. "Let's Sing 2022": With German hits!

Karaoke is a classic party game. Here it doesn't matter whether someone is a vocal prodigy or just sings their favorite song in the shower. With " Let's Sing 2022" ( PS5 version ) everyone can pick up the microphone and give their best to current hits as well as timeless classics. In singing duels, players can challenge each other directly and finally decide who has more potential to become a superstar. And thanks to app support, this can be done with up to eight participants at the same time.

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