The Xiaomi 13 Pro, for almost 1,400 euros, and its camera are ranked 16th in DxOMark

The Xiaomi 13 Pro, for almost 1,400 euros, and its camera are ranked 16th in DxOMark

This year Xiaomi has shone. Its new flagship, the Xiaomi 13 Pro, has gone on sale for no less than 1,399 euros, a price that is perhaps somewhat excessive, especially now that the DxOMark laboratory has published its analysis .

Although years ago Xiaomi boasted and collaborated with DxOMark, now the French laboratory has left the Xiaomi 13 Pro in a somewhat controversial position . Its score, 136 points, has given it the 16th position in the Global ranking of mobile phones with the best camera.

Xiaomi 13 Pro and its Leica camera

If we remember, the Xiaomi 13 Pro is generally characterized by its camera. This has a 1″ and 50MP Leica main camera from SONY, as well as a HyperOIS stabilization system with a total of 8 lenses.

El Xiaomi 13 Pro, de casi 1.400 euros, y su cámara quedan en el puesto 16 de DxOMark. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

Well then. According to DxOMark, the Xiaomi 13 Pro is a great smartphone in terms of camera , although it is not the best. Despite its price, it cannot beat the iPhone 14 Pro Max (5th position), iPhone 13 Pro (8th position) or the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (12th position).

The main causes of its 136 points are given by its instability in exposure , a halo effect in photographs and frequent delays between the moment of pressing the shutter and the moment of shooting .

Despite sounding like bad news, this could benefit the Xiaomi 13 Pro. Xiaomi probably gets to work , improving and polishing the software of its latest flagship, in order to improve photographic results as much as possible.

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