AMD Advantage: This is how the technology ensures top performance in gaming

AMD Advantage: This is how the technology ensures top performance in gaming

AMD Advantage systems realize a great gaming experience with Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics cards. Learn all about the benefits of AMD Advantage for laptops.

This article was created in cooperation with AMD.

In AMD Advantage laptops, the processor and graphics card both come from AMD. This ensures that the components work together optimally, as they are precisely matched to each other and can efficiently distribute their resources. The devices also have to meet a number of requirements in order to receive the "AMD Advantage" seal, for example in the areas of display and cooling. This guarantees that the award-winning systems always deliver performance at a high level. AMD Advantage laptops offer the following advantages.

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AMD SmartShift & Smart Access Memory provide a big performance boost

AMD SmartShift Max intelligently balances performance between the graphics card and processor as needed. When gaming, you get up to 14 percent higher frame rate with SmartShift Max. You'll enjoy a smoother display and shorter input lag so your inputs are reflected on the screen faster – perfect for fast-paced action games like Destiny 2. Infinity Fabric controllers in AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics cards as well as intelligent algorithms make this exclusive feature possible. Infinity Fabric is an exclusive architecture for data transfer and control in AMD chips.

AMD SmartShift Eco is responsible for better battery life. You set the limits for performance and power consumption yourself. As soon as you disconnect the power adapter from the laptop, SmartShift Eco is activated – and you can gamble for up to twice as long without a power connection.

AMD Smart Access Memory circumvents a weakness of conventional PC systems: their processors can often only access a small part of the graphics memory at a time. AMD Smart Access Memory, on the other hand, uses the fast PCI Express interface to fully utilize the graphics memory. As usual, some data is loaded into the memory of the graphics card before the game starts. Smart Access Memory then uses it during the game for data that changes from scene to scene or from frame to frame – such as geometry data and motion parameters. This gives you up to 15 percent higher performance.

AMD Smart Access Graphics solves a problem found in many gaming laptops: They first send the images from the graphics card to the graphics chip integrated in the processor before it forwards them to the display. This results in both in-game performance degradation and longer input lag. SmartAccess Graphics, on the other hand, sends the images from the AMD graphics card directly to the display. Your inputs on the keyboard, mouse and controller are implemented faster on the screen – and the refresh rate increases by up to 15 percent.

High hertz laptop displays

All AMD Advantage laptops offer displays with a high refresh rate . Laptop screens with a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels must be at least 144 Hertz, with a WQHD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels 120 Hertz or more are required. With a correspondingly high frame rate, fast movements look sharp and you can play games from "Fortnite" to "Halo Infinite" smoothly.

AMD Advantage laptops also come with FreeSync Premium or Premium Pro for smooth gaming without screen tearing. FreeSync adapts the video output rate of the graphics card to the display rate of the monitor. FreeSync Premium and Premium Pro are the most advanced variants. Among other things, they offer LFC (Low Framerate Compensation).

FreeSync normally only works within a certain frame rate range, for example between 48 and 144 frames per second (FPS). LFC inserts frames below 48 FPS to render the game on screen in the full range of 1-144 FPS without screen tearing. The advantage of FreeSync Premium Pro is that the frame rate synchronization also works with HDR content.

AMD Advantage laptops stay cool

AMD Advantage laptops must not get too hot: Up to 40 degrees for the WASD keys and 52 degrees on the bottom of the case are the norm. So the gaming evenings in "Overwatch 2" or "Elden Ring" can sometimes last longer. Optimized temperature limits and fan speeds keep the temperatures within limits .

AMD Radeon software powers gaming laptops

In addition to hardware features, intelligent software functions also ensure that AMD Advantage systems offer a great gaming experience.

AMD Radeon Anti-Lag reduces input lag. When you tap a button, the command is executed faster on the display. The feature coordinates the processor and graphics calculations so that the processor does not have to hold back a pre-calculated image.

AMD Radeon Boost increases the refresh rate during fast action. In return, the image resolution is reduced if your inputs suggest that the game is going to be fast-paced. You hardly notice the lower-resolution images in battle and benefit from smoother gameplay.

AMD Radeon Chill also ensures a higher refresh rate in fast game sequences. In addition, the function reduces the frame rates in slow passages when you wander relaxed through a level. The laptop saves power and saves battery power when the screen is not busy.

AMD Advantage desktops: Premium PCs for maximum gaming power


AMD Advantage desktops offer maximum gaming power. Image: © AMD 2022

For the highest gaming power, desktop PCs are the first choice. However, not everyone has the time, desire or ability to build their own gaming computer. That's where the AMD Advantage desktops coming in in the near future come into play. As with the AMD Advantage laptops, the desktop systems must also meet high requirements in order to provide a great gaming experience.

Ryzen 7000 processors with water cooling and Radeon 7000 graphics cards are used. They mark the spearhead of modern gaming technology. Also required is at least 32GB of DDR5 RAM with AMD EXPO for easy overclocking. 2 TB or more NVMe SSD storage for the shortest loading times is a must, as is an energy-efficient 80Plus Gold power supply.

Fan speeds and thermal management ensure long-lasting peak performance. The AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition gives gamers important tools to adjust the performance themselves and has new functions such as blue light reduction on board.

The AMD Advantage desktops will be offered by various system integrators starting in 2023 .


AMD Advantage laptops offer numerous advantages for gamers:

  1. AMD SmartShift Max and Smart Access Memory ensure better performance.
  2. AMD SmartShift Eco optimizes battery life.
  3. The displays offer a high refresh rate for smooth gaming and benefit from FreeSync Premium or Premium Pro for a smooth display without image tears.
  4. The laptops stay cool even during long gaming sessions.
  5. AMD Radeon Anti-Lag reduces input lag
  6. AMD Radeon Boost increases the refresh rate.
  7. AMD Radeon Chill adapts the refresh rate to the respective game scene.
  8. If you want even more performance: AMD Advantage desktops will appear in 2023 – for maximum gaming power.

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