Gaming chair: You should pay attention to these 7 things when buying

Gaming chair: You should pay attention to these 7 things when buying

A gaming chair is on your wish list? Here you can find out what makes a high-quality gaming chair.

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1. Is it a gaming chair?

What is a gaming chair anyway? Couldn't you also buy a normal executive chair? Basically yes – but gaming chairs are actually specially adapted to the needs of those who play on the PC often and for a long time. In particular, they are optimized for an upright sitting position at a 90-degree angle.

This posture is best suited for using the keyboard and mouse and for concentrating on what is happening on the monitor. Also, unlike traditional executive chairs, gaming chairs tend to look like car seats in sports cars – although that's probably more of a design issue.


The Corsair T1 Race is a prototypical gaming chair. Image: © Corsair 2017

2. Weight and body measurements

A good gaming chair must fit your height and weight. If you weigh less than 100 kilograms and are between 165 and 184 centimeters tall, most chairs are suitable for you. Otherwise, you must pay particular attention to the manufacturer's information on these aspects.

The provider Maxnomic is very exemplary in this regard, providing precise information and also offering chairs that are optimized for players between 185 and 200 centimeters in height and up to 130 kilograms. Its XL series is even adapted to players up to 2.10 meters tall and weighing 170 kilograms.

If you are too heavy for a chair, it will usually not collapse immediately, but stability will suffer because too much weight is pressing against the backrest or the side. In addition, components such as the castors and the rocking mechanism are particularly stressed and can bless the time faster.


A gaming chair like the Maxnomic Classic Office is also suitable for the office. Image: © Maxnomic 2017

3. Basic construction and roles

The material of the basic construction of the seat is decisive for the processing quality. It should be made of a tubular steel frame with elastic straps, which is the most comfortable and stable. The gaming chair should also have a non-tilting and stable base made of die-cast metal or aluminum. Suitable castors are ideal for your floor, i.e. for hard floors such as stone or for sensitive soft floors such as parquet. A locking function for the wheels is practical so that you don't slip away just before the high score.

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4. Rocking mechanism, gas pressure spring and seat

The rocking mechanism should be able to be fixed (locked) in several stages without the chair wobbling. This mechanic determines how far you can move towards the monitor or lean back.

The gas pressure spring must allow sitting in such a way that the thighs and lower legs form an angle of at least 90 degrees, with the back of the knees almost level with the front edge of the seat. The seat has to be big enough that you don't hit the side bolsters and it can definitely have a slightly harder padding – like a bicycle saddle, it's more comfortable when you're sitting for a long time.

5. Armrests and backrest

The armrests should be large enough for your arms and adjustable in height, ideally pivoting and moving back and forth. You can also adjust the so-called 4D armrests from the inside to the outside and vice versa. When gaming, your forearms should be resting on the rest without having to move them for typing and mouse operations.


The Tesoro Zone Balance offers the most important features such as a stable steel frame. Image: © Tesoro 2017

The shoulder bolsters of the backrest should stabilize your shoulders without shifting or pinching you. Real leather isn't necessarily the most practical material for a gamer's chair because it needs regular maintenance – just like leather shoes. At best, the gaming chair also offers a built-in lumbar support, aka lumbar support, which holds up better than a pillow.

6. Design: taste and utility

Sure, the design is largely a matter of taste. Maybe you find the colorful gaming chairs childish and prefer a dignified executive chair. Conversely, such a chair may be too boring for you and you would rather have a sporty armchair, possibly with unusual colors, such as the Maxnomic Unicorns of Love OFC.


The Maxnomic Unicons of Love is a gaming chair in the official design of the well-known eSports team. Image: © Maxnomic 2017

However, keep in mind that you only spend a lot of money on a gaming or executive chair once in a lifetime and the location of the chair or your taste could change. Perhaps the pink unicorn chair in the law firm is no longer doing as well as it did in the circle of friends at the network party?

7th prize: It's worth spending more

In contrast to gaming mice, where you often buy superfluous features for more money, the additional expense with gaming chairs is usually actually worth it. Well, maybe not for the real leather that needs care, which not every gamer wants to deal with, but certainly for a higher build quality, a built-in lumbar support and a stable rocking mechanism. Good entry-level models are already available for around 150 euros. For higher-quality gaming chairs at around 340 euros, there are additional functions such as that


The AKRacing Premium is stable enough for players weighing up to 150 kilograms. Image: © AKRacing 2017

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