Laptop cooler: 5 pads for your notebook

Laptop cooler: 5 pads for your notebook

A laptop cooler protects the notebook from overheating during longer work and gaming sessions. We present five recommended models.

The laptop quickly overheats during longer sessions and performance-hungry tasks. The result: The system throttles the processor performance to prevent overheating. A permanent high heat development also has a negative effect on the service life of the built-in components.

An external laptop cooler provides a remedy. Equipped with fans or other cooling elements, the pad cools the laptop from below. We present five models.

Trust GXT 1125: Perfect for gaming laptops


The Trust cooling pad is also suitable for larger laptops. Image: © Trust 2020

The Trust GXT 1125 is primarily aimed at gamers with correspondingly powerful laptops. The device has five fans (1 x 130 millimeters and 4 x 50 millimeters) and a blue LED backlight, which is also decorative in nature. The stand, which can be adjusted in five heights, is practical. The cooler is suitable for laptops up to 17.3 inches.

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Hama Notebook Cooler: Stylish aluminum cooler


The notebook stand from Hama wants to impress with its aluminum look. Image: © Hama 2020

Hama offers a laptop cooler with a stylish aluminum look. It has a rubberized underside for a secure stand and is also equipped with LED lighting. The height-adjustable pad is suitable for laptops up to 15.6 inches in size.

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SKGames SK-R720: Cooling with chic RGB lighting


The SK-R720 ensures cool notebooks and cool RGB lighting. Image: © SKGames 2022

The SKGames SK-R720 laptop cooler not only keeps your laptop cool, but also illuminates your desk with RGB colors. You can choose between the colors red, blue and green as well as different modes in rainbow colors.

The large 185 mm fan ensures that your notebook does not overheat even under full load. You can even adjust the speed of the fan manually via an LC display on the laptop cooler. The Sk-R720 is suitable for laptops up to 17.3 inches in size.

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Speedlink Airdrafter: Inexpensive laptop cooling


The Speedlink Airdrafter is a particularly affordable notebook cooler. Image: © Speedlink 2020

The very affordable Airdrafter from Speedlink is height adjustable in two different angles. The laptop cooler is suitable for a maximum of 15.6-inch notebooks and is powered by a USB cable. The red LED light is an optical gimmick, it doesn't serve a purpose.

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Cooler Master Ergostand III: For the big boys


The Cooler Master Ergostand III is a particularly flexible laptop fan. Image: © Cooler Master 2020

The height of the Ergostand III can be adjusted in six stages and is also suitable for the office thanks to its unobtrusive design. The device has a single 230 millimeter fan, which according to the manufacturer should work particularly quietly. Due to the fairly large width of 440 millimeters, this laptop cooler is also suitable for very large notebooks up to 19 inches.

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