Bargain: Apple Car is said to cost less than $100,000

Bargain: Apple Car is said to cost less than $100,000

In order to be more competitive, Apple has lowered the planned starting price for its car. With an initial cost of less than $100,000, the vehicle could even beat the Tesla Model S in terms of price. For the time being, however, the Apple Car cannot drive completely autonomously.

That's why the Apple Car is getting cheaper

Originally, the base price for the Apple Car was more than $120,000. Now the news portal Bloomberg writes that Apple is rethinking its focus and is getting some things rolling.

On the one hand, legal regulations in many countries are now ensuring that fully autonomous cars will not be approved for the time being because the technology appears unsafe. The renunciation of this image-boosting feature enables a significantly cheaper production.

On the other hand, Apple wants to be more competitive with its new sub-$100,000 price point for the entry-level model. The market shares of Tesla's electric vehicles are particularly interesting for Apple. Compared to the Model S, Apple's adjusted price is now much more interesting for potential buyers.

New design, quickly ready for series production

The Apple Car has been under discussion for years, but there are still no tangible contracts with manufacturers who will turn Apple's visions into finished vehicles.

Actually, the design should be based on Canoo's autonomously driving van, without the typical driving area with steering wheel, speedometer and gearshift. But these plans are outdated.

In the meantime, Apple is once again opting for a contemporary design with a classic driving area for its first vehicle. As far as the statements of Kevin Lynch, Vice President of Technology at Apple, who is responsible for this project. A prototype is to be presented as early as 2025 and series production will finally start in 2026.


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