How to deal with duplicate contacts of your Xiaomi

How to deal with duplicate contacts of your Xiaomi

The contacts application provided by Google on Xiaomi and other Android phones tends to be overloaded with unmerged duplicate registered numbers . Synchronization with email accounts , the SIM card and the same storage causes many contacts to be repeated.

If you add to that years of scheduling numbers without any kind of control, you will see hundreds of aftershocks. Come on, the typical ones that we name as José , José 1 , José Nuevo , José New , and so on without stopping. The good thing is that the solution is quite simple . Here we tell you how you can deal with duplicate contacts on your Xiaomi.

How to merge duplicate contacts on all Xiaomi mobiles

Duplicate contacts are a common problem on any mobile device. In fact, their presence is not limited only to Xiaomi devices, but they are also present in all Android phones. After all, the cause is the same in any scenario: the application stores all the numbers registered in all our accounts .

For example, when you register a new number, the app allows you to choose the place to save it . Options include SIM, device storage, Google account, and also Mi Account.

Google contacts application for Xiaomi
Google Contacts

Likewise, you can also synchronize Facebook and Telegram contacts. Therefore, if you have the same person registered in all those accounts, the end result is that their contact doubles and even triples . There's essentially nothing wrong with it, but it tends to be a bit of a pain to deal with clutter.

In this way, if you want to combine the duplicates on your Xiaomi, you can do it very easily from the same Google Contacts app. If you don't have it, remember that you can download it for free from the Play Store . Once you have everything ready, follow these steps:

So you can merge duplicate contacts on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO.

  • Open the contacts application on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile.
  • Click on 'Correct and manage'.
  • Then press 'Merge and Fix'.
  • Then press 'Merge duplicate contacts'.

From here, a list of the registered numbers with copies that are stored in the mobile appears on the screen. You can press ' Merge All ' to sort the entire list, or you can manually merge each contact.

With this setting, you will be able to combine and organize all the duplicate contacts of your Xiaomi , Redmi or POCO. Surely your agenda will look much better after correcting this slight problem. Did you know this trick? Leave us in comments if you prefer it that way or if you like to have José , José Nuevo and company. By the way, follow us on social media for more tips.

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