Technology gifts for children: 5 ideas for smart Christmas gifts

Technology gifts for children: 5 ideas for smart Christmas gifts

Games, fun and learning rolled into one: technology gifts for children are a hit at Christmas. They are colorful, make funny sounds and playfully introduce kids to the use of modern technology. You can't go wrong with these five gifts under the Christmas tree.

Technology gifts for children have been on the rise for years. And that's a good thing – because children nowadays grow up in a digitized world. The sooner they understand these, the better and more responsibly they can navigate through the Internet, professional life and the like as teenagers and young adults. The devices for children do not give the little ones the full blast of technology, but focus on games and fun. In this way, children gently get used to the conscientious use of new media and technical devices right from the start.

Children's camera: For little photographers


With children's cameras, the little ones can discover the joy of photography through play. Image: © Vtech 2022

Children's cameras are a nice gimmick for the little ones: They teach them how to use cameras and arouse interest in discovering the world around them and capturing them with photos. This sharpens the view of the beautiful things in life and captures a lot of memories.

In addition, your child is encouraged to think creatively and to explore the world around them extensively. Bright children are already looking forward to small photo tours at the age of 4 or 5 – if interest persists, a cheap mini camera can move up at the age of 10. And who knows, maybe Santa will bring a DSLR or system camera with him at some point.

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Children's Smartwatch: For connected families


The Xplora X5 Play provides entertainment for children and allows for quick contact with parents. Image: © Xplora 2022

Your child is still too small for a smartphone, but should be able to stay in touch with you and discover technology in a playful way? Then you can put a children's smartwatch under the Christmas tree this year. The devices are significantly slimmed down compared to the models for adults, the focus is on games and fun.

Your child stays connected to you via a SIM card that you insert into the smartwatch. The clock is then also a telephone – and your child can always reach you if they don't know what to do or feel unsure. At the same time, internet access isn't unlimited, so you don't have to worry about your child encountering content that you don't approve of.

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Children's tablet: With learning apps, audio books and games


Children can enjoy age-appropriate media on the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids. Image: © Amazon 2022

Reading, learning, playing and sometimes just listening: With an age- appropriate tablet , you can introduce your child to countless media, from cute cartoons to an exciting audio book to a colorful learning app. Good children's tablets are protected with a thick cover made of silicone, for example, so that they can withstand falls without damage.

Children's tablet software should be designed to give you, the parent, the greatest possible control over your child's usage behavior. Ideally, there are different security levels depending on the child's age and time limits, so that your child is not constantly glued to the screen.

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Toniebox: For small and playful DJs


There are lots of exciting adventures and stories in the Toniebox. Image: © Tonies 2022

Tonie on the Toniebox , and the listening fun begins – the audio system of the musical box is that simple! The Tonies are small plastic figures that your child can put on the music box. Each tonie triggers a different song, so it never gets boring. And: You always have a gift idea ready for Christmas or birthdays, because you can buy the Tonies as you like.

The Toniebox is intended for children from the age of 3 – if you want to start using it earlier, you should definitely keep an eye on your children when using it. The Tonies are a bit bigger, but your child could still swallow them.

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Studio Set: For slightly taller photographers


With Easypix's MyStudio, children and teenagers organize their own photo shoots. Image: © Easypix 2022

What does it take for a cool selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower? Actually not much and not even a trip to France. A studio set like that from Easypix ensures the perfect selfie . It contains

  • a ring light for that certain sparkle in the eyes,
  • a tripod to which the smartphone is attached and
  • a green photo background.

People photographed against the green background, the so-called green screen, can be easily and precisely cut out, i.e. cut out of a recording. And put it in a photo of the Eiffel Tower, for example. Teenagers in particular are happy about this set, because it allows them to post spectacular photos on Instagram and other networks. With this Christmas present you will definitely score points with children aged 14 and over.

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