Launch date and visual for new »Pokémon« TV series revealed

Launch date and visual for new »Pokémon« TV series revealed

February 11, 2023

It's been two months since the Pokémon Company announced the launch of a new Pokémon TV series. After more than 25 years with Asch and his friends, a new era is heralded. A first visual has now been presented (see below), which also reveals the start period for the Japanese region.

Since 1997, Pokémon fans have thrilled Trainer Ash on his journey to becoming a Master. In keeping with the anniversary, he is now to go into his well-deserved retirement and be replaced by a new generation. The recently released visual has now revealed that the anime series – currently untitled – will start on Japanese television on TV Tokyo on April 14, 2023 .

The two new main characters are named Liko and Roy. Together with Felori, Krokel and Kwaks from Pokémon Crimson & Crimson , they start their very own adventure in the Pokémon world. The legendary Pokémon Rayquaza is also set to play a major role in the series. Details about the contributors to the production are still pending. As soon as we know more, we will inform you about it.

It is already clear that the new series will also be broadcast internationally in the course of 2023. Exact details on this are yet to be announced.

The Pokémon franchise is based on the still popular video game series from developer Game Freak and publisher Nintendo, which started in 1996 on the Game Boy. In April 1997 the first series started in Japan. In Germany, the latest season can be seen on free TV on SUPER RTL every Saturday and Sunday.

In German-speaking countries, polyband anime is responsible for the series' disc release and has already published the first ten seasons of Pokémon on DVD . More seasons will follow on disc in the future.


Character design Liko:



This is what Pokemon is about:

The journey begins… It's Ash's tenth birthday and he wants to do what many ten-year-olds do in Kanto. He wants to be a Pokémon trainer! But it doesn't quite work as intended, because instead of one of the usual starter Pokémon, Ash has to make do with Pikachu.

Source : Pokémon Images: © The Pokémon Company

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