From Zwifting to SUPing: 7 fun fitness trends

From Zwifting to SUPing: 7 fun fitness trends

New fitness trends are so diverse that everyone should find their own personal joker. From trail running to soul cycling, with a fitness tracker in nature or on a virtual ride in the living room – these seven trends will really make you sweat!

1. Fit thanks to tech: Sport with fitness trackers & Co.


Fitness trackers and smartwatches allow you to evaluate your workout. Image: © Facebook/Suunto 2017

Wearables remain the biggest trend. With fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, GPS tracking devices, smartwatches and other wearable gadgets, sport has secured a top place among the fitness trends for several years. Sport is done together with Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, Garmin & Co. However, we no longer only wear smart technology on our wrists. Sensors are now also used in the soles of running shoes or are sewn into clothing. After all, workouts that weren't recorded didn't actually happen, right?

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2. Indoor cycling & virtual rides: Sweat inside

Garmin Tacx Boost Indoor-Trainer

With an indoor bike or roller trainer, you can cycle regardless of the weather. Image: © Garmin Deutschland GmbH 2020

Being able to do sports anytime and anywhere – independent of studios and courses, this has been very popular since the first lockdown at the latest. With an indoor fitness bike you are even independent of the weather. Spinning is still very trendy. Whether alone or in a group. Thanks to numerous online offers, you can also sweat together with others without setting foot outside the door.

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If you already own a racing bike but are still waiting for the right weather, simply move your ride into the living room. Triathletes and racing cyclists have long sworn by roller training in winter or when it rains. If you connect your sports device to an app like Zwift , you can even go on virtual trips through deserts, metropolises or futuristic landscapes. That way, boredom is guaranteed!

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3. Trail running: Get out into nature!


Run and enjoy nature: trail running challenges you, but rewards you with beautiful views. Picture:

Do you quickly get bored in your own four walls? Then get out into nature! Trail running involves a variety of routes – sometimes winding, sometimes straight, sometimes steep, sometimes narrow. How strenuous the training is is almost irrelevant given the great views and the necessary focus in demanding terrain. Don't worry: you don't have to run all the time when trail running. Especially on steep climbs, you can often make even faster progress with fast hiking. Good partners for trail running: suitable trail running shoes with a good grip and a GPS running watch for navigating or reading the altitude difference.

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4. Functional training with or without minimal equipment

Runtastic Results

Bodyweight training is actually very old, but it has only been booming in gyms since 2013. Image: © Runtastic 2017

Minimum requirements, maximum success: This is one of the reasons why bodyweight training will always be one of the fitness trends. The principle of only training with your own body weight is anything but new. It wasn't until 2013 that it really caught on as a trend in fitness studios and courses around the world. Since then, exercises like push-ups, squats and crunches have become indispensable. The good thing: To join this trend, all you need is some space and time. You can do most of the exercises anytime and anywhere – with a yoga mat as a base, even outside in the garden or park.

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5. Mix Sports: Piloxing & SUP Yoga


Have you ever tried yoga on the SUP? Image: © SATURN 2022

This fitness trend benefits everyone who cannot decide on one sport: mixed sports that combine different disciplines. Piloxing, a mixture of Pilates and boxing, or SUP yoga, i.e. yoga on a stand-up paddle board , are currently in demand. Especially with the latter, the focus is increasingly on the wellness factor. By combining demanding stand-up paddling with gentle yoga exercises, you not only bring movement but also relaxation into your everyday life.

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6. Fitness games: Sweating with a fun factor


Play and do something for your fitness at the same time: This is possible with sports games for the Switch and Co. Image: © YouTube/Nintendo 2019

If you still lack the motivation for "real" workouts, you can work up a sweat while playing. This is ensured by games like " Ring Fit Adventure " for the Nintendo Switch. You don't fight against your weaker self, but against virtual opponents. These need to be kept in check with real fitness exercises. A wide variety of muscle groups are trained in a playful way and almost on the side.

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7. Recovery training with massage rollers & Co.


Tension and hardening of the muscles can be relieved with a foam roller. Image: © picture alliance/dpa Topic Service 2017

Stretching can actually be done without any aids. In recent years, so-called fascia rolls have experienced a real boom. This trend will help you to release tension and hardening of the muscles. With targeted fascia training, the connective tissue that surrounds and protects muscles and organs is massaged and loosened. With a foam roller you can stimulate blood circulation and promote regeneration after sport. If you want, you can also do strengthening exercises with the roller. Or just relax – after all, the topics of mindfulness, balance and meditation are currently very important.

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