The new POCO X5 5G is about to arrive, a true mid-range with an AMOLED screen from Samsung

The new POCO X5 5G is about to arrive, a true mid-range with an AMOLED screen from Samsung

POCO's X5 mid-range series is close to making its official debut. The brand's mobiles have always stood out for their attractive prices and high-level specifications , common to the high-end. Of course, the POCO X5 5G cannot be the exception and for this reason it is presented with a brand new 120 Hz AMOLED screen from Samsung and a powerful Snapdragon 695 processor .

Having Samsung's AMOLED panel is a great addition to the new POCO series. For many years these screens have only belonged to the high range due to their high costs . What does its addition mean then? Do they offer better performance than LCD screens? Can the price of the POCO X5 5G take it away from the mid-range? Here we give you all the answers.

Are AMOLED screens more attractive and efficient than LCD panels?

Samsung AMOLED screens have numerous exclusive advantages that have led them to become the standard for high-end mobiles. Its presence in a mid-range like the POCO X5 5G raises some questions for us, such as, What are the differences between a traditional LCD panel and an AMOLED screen?

What are LCD panels?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display Screen , which translates as 'Liquid Crystal Display Screen'. The construction of this type of panel is characterized by placing a liquid crystal box between two parallel glass substrates.

El nuevo POCO X5 5G está por llegar, un auténtico gama media con pantalla AMOLED de Samsung. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

A thin film transistor (TFT) is applied to the lower glass and a color filter is added to the upper glass. Through the TFT, the signal and voltage on the LCD panel changes, which allows directing the rotation of the molecules belonging to the liquid crystal . Achieving with this control the polarized light of each emitted pixel to display images.

What is an AMOLED screen?

On the other hand, OLED panels, including AMOLED displays designed by Samsung, are referred to as ' Organic Light Emitting Diodes '. In other words, an OLED display is an ordinary organic light-emitting device.

Detalles de la pantalla AMOLED de Samsung a 120 Hz del POCO X5 5G

This luminescence phenomenon is caused by carrier injection and recombination. In fact, the light intensity level is proportional to the current injection. With the help of an electric field in the OLED panel, the holes generated by the anode and the electrons generated by the cathode move.

Both end up in their respective transport layers, allowing them to migrate towards the light-emitting layer of the panel. Once there, when they meet, energy excitations are generated that in turn generate excitation in the light molecules , which ends up producing visible light.

How much influence does an AMOLED or LCD screen have on the POCO X5 5G?

Each screen described offers different results. Although, according to contrast parameters, AMOLED screens are superior to LCD panels . Because? Well, because LCD screens retain a layer of slight light at the bottom, which does not allow it to be a pure black and also makes it difficult to improve its contrast.

El nuevo POCO X5 5G está por llegar, un auténtico gama media con pantalla AMOLED de Samsung. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

On the other hand, AMOLED screens are capable of turning off some pixels in the black area and also maintain a contrast ratio that exceeds 100,000:1, which is 100 times more than what an LCD panel offers.

Therefore, when talking about the performance of a Samsung AMOLED screen in the new POCO X5 5G, we find excellent light and shadow details. Which is quite good for daily use, consuming multimedia content and even when playing games.

Also, Samsung's AMOLED screens offer the benefit of self-illumination, which provides a wide color gamut . The panel is enriched with excellent display quality, brighter and more diverse, capable of restoring more colors.

In conclusion, the POCO X5 5G benefits from the inclusion of a Samsung AMOLED screen thanks to its amazing image and video visual sensation . As a result, the device will be able to enjoy a more vivid, brighter and more authentic screen display than a traditional LCD panel could offer.

High response speed due to its 120 Hz refresh rate

Another decisive factor that positions Samsung AMOLED screens above a traditional LCD is its response speed. It should be noted that liquid crystal is a material that is quite sensitive to ambient temperature .

El nuevo POCO X5 5G está por llegar, un auténtico gama media con pantalla AMOLED de Samsung. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

Therefore, the lower the temperature, the slower the speed of the liquid crystal molecules . What causes the response time offered by the LCD screen to be longer. This phenomenon does not occur with AMOLED screens, since their construction is more resistant to low temperatures.

In addition, the Samsung AMOLED screen that integrates the POCO X5 5G has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, one of the highest values on the market . Therefore, the device responds extremely fluently. Even when browsing from one application to another, such as from Twitter to Facebook. Shifting is quite smooth and very fast.

thinner and lighter

El nuevo POCO X5 5G está por llegar, un auténtico gama media con pantalla AMOLED de Samsung. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

Since the construction of both screens is different, this also directly affects the weight and thickness of the mobile device. LCD panels, having a layer of backlight and another layer of liquid crystal, are much thicker and heavier than an AMOLED screen. Therefore, a device with an OLED panel is usually much thinner and lighter in comparison .

Great battery life and energy saving

Apart from offering better display effects, AMOLED screens are also capable of saving energy . The pixels in these panels act independently, so the brightness of each one can be adjusted as needed. In this sense, when some pixels are shown in black, it turns off directly to save battery.

On the other hand, when it comes to LCD screens, it doesn't matter what type of image is displayed, because its light-emitting principle keeps it fully backlit. In short, a Samsung AMOLED screen can allow the POCO X5 5G to save much more energy than an LCD panel.

Decent performance and stable user experience

Although performance is not the strongest point of the POCO X5 5G, it is worth noting that its configuration does not go unnoticed either. The new member of the POCO family incorporates a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chipset , a powerful and very capable processor.

When faced with titles like Free Fire, even with the ultra-high image quality, the POCO X5 5G remains stable at 59-60 FPS. Therefore, it is a good level of performance , with the necessary fluidity to keep the games dynamic and without generating problems or inconveniences.

The new POCO X5 5G is about to arrive, a true mid-range with an AMOLED screen from Samsung. News Xiaomi Addicts

Likewise, the power is also noted in daily use. Whether running heavy applications or viewing 4K content, performance remains stable without slowing down. In fact, it is worth noting that the Snapdragon 695 is positioned as the leader of the Snapdragon 600 series in the AnTuTu ratings scale , even surpassing many 700 series like the Snapdragon 765G or 720G.

Similarly, the chipset is supported by a setting to handle multitasking operations. The POCO X5 5G features 3.0 expansion technology, allowing you to expand its built-in RAM from 6GB and 8GB to 11GB and 13GB . Thus, it is capable of running multiple applications at the same time without any hiccups.

Finally, the available internal storage is 128 GB and 256 GB depending on the version to choose . So the POCO X5 5G has plenty of space to download photos, videos, applications and more content of interest.

The most profitable mobile in the mid-range and the most economical with an AMOLED screen at 120 Hz

POCO's new mobile is a highly profitable entertainment-oriented device. Its Samsung AMOLED screen makes this an ultra-thin, light and quite light mobile. In addition, its OLED nature allows it to achieve a long autonomy and its 120 Hz rate provides a stable and fluid enough experience for day to day .

The sum of all these factors is very consistent with the slogan of the series: Everything, Just right. In Spain, the slogan used is: Victorial Total. Now, regarding the price of the POCO X5 5G as a mid-range mobile, is it a total victory for the pocket of buyers?

Other devices with similar features can easily cost more than 350 euros. However, since one of the main attractions of the POCO X5 5G is its profitability, it is expected to have a value equal to or below 300 euros .

Therefore, the new POCO X5 5G mobile has everything to become the leader of the mid-range in 2023 . In addition, it can also qualify as one of the cheapest 120Hz AMOLED SGS Eye Care Display mobiles of the season.

Presentation date of the POCO X5 5G

Are you looking forward to the POCO X5 5G and testing the limits of its possibilities? This February 6 at 1:00 p.m. (Peninsular Spain) an online launch event will take place. If you want to know more, then connect to the official POCO profiles on Twitter , Facebook and YouTube so you don't miss any of the announcements, products and surprises to come. Are you expecting any specific announcement? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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