New My One-Hit Kill Sister Trailer Reveals Ending Song And TV Premiere

New My One-Hit Kill Sister Trailer Reveals Ending Song And TV Premiere

February 5, 2023

Ever since an anime adaptation was announced in March 2022, fans of My One-Hit Kill Sister have been eagerly awaiting the series. With the recently released new trailer, not only the ending song but also the date for the TV premiere was revealed.

Accordingly, My One-Hit Kill Sister will start on April 8, 2023 on Japanese television. Crunchyroll announced last year that the new Isekai anime will be simulcast worldwide outside of Asia. The ending Mukyū Platonic , which can be heard in the new trailer, will be performed by the virtual girl group VALIS.

My One-Hit Kill Sister is based on the light novel of the same name by author Konoe, which has been published on Shōsetsuka ni Narō since December 2019. A manga adaptation penned by Kenji Taguchi started in March 2020 and has so far comprised nine volumes.

The anime adaptation is being made at Studio Gekkō, with Hiroaki Takagi directing. Yōhei Kashii is contributing as a screenwriter, while Yūji Hamada is contributing to the character design and Kenichi Kanagawa is contributing to the monster design.



This is what My One-Hit Kill Sister is about:

You know that one series where the main character is sent to another world, but with her mother? This is completely overpowered and has the blatant skills on it, but is also very infatuated with the protagonists. If you now replace mother with big sister, then we end up with My One-Hit Kill Sister!

Source : Official Website Images: © 2023 このえ・田口ケンジ/小学館/「異世界ワンターンキル姉さん」製作委員会

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