Funny Advent sayings for WhatsApp: 44 festive ideas

Funny Advent sayings for WhatsApp: 44 festive ideas

Advent, Advent, your cell phone is on fire… If you don't just want to send out contemplative but also a few funny Advent sayings on WhatsApp this year, you've come to the right place. We provide you with ideas to copy and share.

It goes without saying that Christmas is the time for contemplation. A time for family and friends. But who says that it always has to be very calm and deadly serious? With funny WhatsApp sayings for Advent, you can, for example, make your friends happy, put a smile on their faces and put them in a good mood. That can't do any harm – especially if things get more hectic than planned in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Here you will find funny, flat, classic or rhyming WhatsApp sayings for the Advent season. There is sure to be something to copy, share and give as gifts.

Funny Advent sayings for WhatsApp


Christmas is a festival of joy – it can also be funny sometimes. Image: © Pexels/cottonbro studio 2022

  • Advent is when the attic is cleared out and everything in the apartment is distributed.
  • Mentally I'm ready for Christmas. Financially not.
  • The only reason to get up in the morning is… the advent calendar.
  • Don't forget to switch the scales on the 4th Advent to Christmas time: turn back by 5 kilograms.
  • Dear Santa, please don't mix things up again. My account: bold. Me: slim. Thanks!
  • Why is the Christmas season exactly when the shops are full?
  • Even if you're not a bright head: In the Advent season, one light after the other comes on.
  • Don't be surprised if you wake up in a dark, brown bag. Then Santa Claus has received my wish list and takes care of the present.
  • A cookie a day keeps the stress away.
  • Today was a successful day. I bought all my Christmas presents. Just missing the ones for everyone else…
  • When wrapping gifts, missing talent is replaced with tape.
  • First pack the "we-give-us-nothing-gifts".

Advent, Advent … WhatsApp poems to send


Can't rhyme yourself? Don't panic, here you will find poems to share. Image: © Pexels/Julia Larson 2022

  • Rudolph has a red nose
    the mulled wine presses on his bladder.
    He flies from house to house
    and convey my greetings.
  • These days, still and quietly –
    the Christkind goes on a journey.
    Be kind and nice and always remember:
    Only those who are nice get presents.
  • Advent, Advent, your cell phone is on fire!
    First the antenna, then the keys
    and finally the whole box!
    If the battery is wide,
    you know it's christmas time
  • I just saw the Christ Child
    it stood at the bar and could hardly stand.
    You don't need to hope for gifts
    it drank all the money.
  • Because you are so very humble
    do you only want two presents?
    I wish you some brains for your head
    and oil for the joints.
  • the fire brigade, the fire brigade,
    it is very difficult for her during Advent.
    As soon as the first candles burn,
    you can already see the fire brigade running.
  • Advent, Advent, a little light is burning.
    First one, then two, then three, then four
    Then the Christ Child is at the door.
    And when the fifth little light burns,
    then you missed Christmas.
  • Santa Claus sticks to the window,
    the wailing betrays his face.
    I hope he gives the presents
    because behind him is a grizzly bear.
  • By e-mail, letter and short message,
    with a song, through a poem,
    by mail, with words and by a click
    I want to send you Advent greetings.
  • Dear good Santa,
    erase our fives,
    make it all ones,
    you are a good Santa Claus!
  • The tree burned, gift forgotten,
    the goose is already eaten.
    And on the table only stupid gifts,
    well then 'nen nice Christmas Eve.
  • A deer pees quietly
    a deep hole in the snow.
    The beam glitters at Christmas,
    Deer, pee again!
  • The Christmas season certainly succeeds,
    as long as you spend it alone.
  • The children's eyes shine
    and mom and dad can pay.
  • Roses are red, the mulled wine was hot.
    Tongue burned – what a feiff!

Attention, flat! The dad jokes among the advent sayings


The Christmas greeting is even better received with a funny saying. Image: © Pexels/Rodnae Productions 2022

  • If you drink mulled wine too hot, you end up with roasted almonds.
  • Accept two more presents for the neighbors and I have all the Christmas presents together.
  • Santa Claus knows how to do it: only visit people once a year!
  • Santa saw your Instagram posts. That's why you only have socks and a Bible this year.
  • Did you know that Santa Claus is an anatomical marvel? He has the sack on his back and a corner on his head.
  • Why do we usually get the wrong presents at Christmas? Because Santa Claus is blonde.
  • What is hypocritical? Taking the pill all year round and singing "Come, little children" at Christmas.
  • Do you already have plans for Christmas? I'm still looking for a donkey for the nativity scene.
  • Why have you already opened all the doors of the advent calendar? airing.
  • What does Santa get if he gets stuck in the chimney? Claustrophobia.
  • Nine out of ten ducks recommend beef steak for Christmas.
  • I somehow don't think it's okay when "Last Christmas" is played in retirement homes.
  • At Christmas I only annoy the people I like.
  • So, survived ten minutes of small talk with the family. Time for mulled wine!
  • I put myself under the Christmas tree to remind my family that I am a gift.
  • What did I get for Christmas? a belly.
  • When the quiet time is over, things get quieter again.

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