»Lupin III vs. Cat's Eye«: Stream GCI crossover anime now on Amazon Prime Video

»Lupin III vs. Cat's Eye«: Stream GCI crossover anime now on Amazon Prime Video

January 28, 2023

They're back again: not only the master thief Lupine the Third, but also the sibling trio Cat's Eye! After it was announced in September 2022 that a crossover anime was planned for both franchises, it is now available worldwide exclusively on Prime Video!

Customers with a Prime membership can now stream Lupine III vs. Cat's Eye in the German and Japanese language versions as well as with subtitles in several languages at no additional cost.

Lupine III vs. Cat's Eye was directed by Kōbun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita, with Keisuke Ide serving as assistant director. Shūji Kuzuhara wrote the script, while Haruhisa Nakata and Junko Yamanaka contributed character design, and music was composed by Yuji Ohno and Kazuo Otani.

The new project celebrates both the 50th anniversary of Lupine III and the 40th anniversary of Tsukasa Hojo's manga Cat's Eye . Several seasons and films from the Lupine III franchise, such as the new ONA series Lupine Zero , are available to stream in Germany on Crunchyroll , while formerly KAZÉ Anime brought the 73-part anime series Cat's Eye to DVD and later to Blu-ray published.

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This is what Lupine III vs. Cat's Eye is all about:

The three sisters of the Cat's Eye gang of thieves, Hitomi, Nami and Love, steal a painting from an exhibition. At the same time, the master thief gets Lupine III. also a painting in his hands. Both works are part of a series of portraits by the artist Michael Heinz, the missing father of the cats. As they search for the other portraits, they eventually clash with Lupin.

Source : Prime Video Images: ©モンキー・パンチ 北条司/ルパン三世 VS キャッツ・アイ製作委員会

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