Alexa TV: 5 TVs with integrated voice assistant

Alexa TV: 5 TVs with integrated voice assistant

"Alexa, TV louder": Amazon's voice assistant listens to numerous smart TVs. In Germany there are even some exclusive televisions with Amazon's Fire TV operating system that can be controlled via Alexa. We present five Alexa TVs.

Toshiba 55UF3D63DAX: Inexpensive TV with Fire TV


The Toshiba 55UF3D63DAX uses the Fire TV operating system and thus also supports Alexa. Image: © Toshiba 2022

A cheap television with the Fire TV operating system is the 55-inch Toshiba 55UF3D63DAX . The TV offers 4K resolution and supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10. Thanks to three HDMI connections, two USB ports and an optical audio output, various devices such as game consoles and AV receivers can be connected to the television. Thousands of apps and the most important streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ are available via Fire TV. You can control the Toshiba TV either in the classic way using the remote control or conveniently with Alexa voice commands.

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Sony Bravia XR-65A80K: OLED TV with voice assistants


The Sony Bravia XR-65A80K offers an outstanding picture with fantastic black levels.

With the A80K , Sony offers an OLED television with GoogleTV. With OLED TVs, the picture quality is much higher than with the cheaper TVs with LCD screens. OLED televisions rely on self-illuminating pixels, resulting in a perfect black value and an enormous contrast. But the televisions cost significantly more money, the large Sony model close to 2,000 euros. In addition to HDR10 and HLG, the television also supports the HDR format Dolby Vision. Both the Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa can be integrated into Sony's TV via a skill.

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Control Smart TV with Alexa

Voice control via Alexa is possible with many televisions, you do not necessarily need a device with the Fire TV operating system. The manufacturer's information reveals whether a television can be used with Alexa.

To use Alexa, you must set up the appropriate skill in the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet and activate Alexa voice control in the TV settings. The names of the skills differ depending on the manufacturer, there are, for example, "Sony's Android TV", "SmartThings" (Samsung), "Philips Smart TV voice control" and "Panasonic TV".

You can then use Alexa to switch the TV on or off, adjust the volume and enter completely different voice commands via the TV – for example to control the smart home.

Samsung GQ55Q60BAU: QLED TV with Alexa

Der Samsung GQ55Q60BAU stellt Farben gut dar und gibt Bewegungen dank 120 Hertz flüssig wieder.

The Samsung GQ55Q60BAU displays colors well and shows movements smoothly thanks to 120 Hertz. Image: © Samsung 2020

All Samsung televisions built after 2016 can be controlled with the language assistant Alexa. The Samsung GQ55Q60BAU is a recommendable, current model. Thanks to the quantum dot layer, the TV displays many colors – and quite lifelike. Gamers will be happy that the larger models from 55 inches offer a 120 Hertz panel, including VRR and FreeSync support.

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Sony Bravia XR-65X95J: Great HDR performance and maximum brightness

Flaggschiff mit Mini-LED: Sony X95J

Flagship with mini-LED: Sony X95J Image: © Sony 2019

The X95J is Sony's 4K LCD flagship for 2021 and is therefore cheaper. Thanks to full array local dimming, a large color space and high brightness, the X95K creates an appealing display of HDR films and games. The complex mini-LED technology offers more brightness and contrast than ever before. Sure, Alexa voice control is also possible – the skill is called "Sony's Android TV".

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LG OLED55C27LA: OLED TV with many features

Der LG C2 bietet umfassende Features und ist die erste Wahl für Gamer und Cineasten.

The LG C2 offers comprehensive features and is the first choice for gamers and movie buffs. Image: © LG 2020

If you are looking for great image quality, good equipment and many features, you should take a look at the LG C2 . The OLED TV has four HDMI 2.1 ports. Thanks to VRR support, the images are synchronized between compatible consoles such as the Xbox Series X|S or Playstation 5 and the TV. This ensures smoother playback and fewer image errors.

On top of that, the TV is compatible with G-Sync and can therefore also synchronize with Nvidia graphics cards for the PC. Movie fans will appreciate the support for Dolby Vision and the forwarding of Dolby Atmos to the AV receiver. You can set up Alexa via the webOS user interface.

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