"Sonic Frontiers": The Open World

"Sonic Frontiers": The Open World

offers these highlights

"Sonic Frontiers" surprises die-hard fans and newcomers alike with breathtaking open worlds to be discovered with the SEGA Hedgehog. You can find out exactly what awaits you in the new open world areas here. You can also win the game with us.

This article was created in cooperation with PLAION.

Plenty of freedom for the cult hedgehog: instead of linear levels, "Sonic Frontiers" uses open-world design for the first time in SEGA's traditional jump-and-run series. Here are some of the best features and activities awaiting Sonic (and you) as you journey across the mysterious Starfall Islands.

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Absolute freedom of movement in open worlds

You can explore the five island game worlds of different sizes in "Sonic Frontiers" according to your taste. Quest markers show you the way, but you only have to follow them if you want to. It's worth walking around freely, because there's also a lot to discover off the beaten track.

In addition to all sorts of treasures, there are many hidden junctions that you can reach via platforms, grappling hooks or rails – and all at the typical Sonic pace. So it's worth looking up or down and risking one or two daring jumps.

Die Weitsicht kann beeindrucken

The foresight in "Sonic Frontiers" is impressive. Image: © Sega 2022

Lots of side quests and secrets

Once you have found one of the secret paths in the open world, you can discover a variety of tasks. The palette ranges from fast parkour sections and daring jump passages to action-packed fights and various errands for the inhabitants of the secret country. Sometimes you should let landscapes bloom green, sometimes let the water out of an oasis – variety is provided.

Abgefahrene Rennen in der Virtuellen Realität.

Complete crazy races with Sonic in virtual reality. Image: © Sega 2022

Huge titans await you

Similar to the PlayStation 2 hit "Shadow of the Colossus", powerful titans roam the world of "Sonic Frontiers". And you have to defeat them! But it is not enough to attack them blindly.

You need the Chaos Emeralds to unlock Sonic's true power. Only then are you strong enough to take on the Titans. Each of the giants has its own strengths and weaknesses. Find them and rid the land of the colossuses. Who hasn't dreamed of playing Super Saiyan Sonic against giant Kaijus?

Der Kampf gegen die Titanen ist ein Highlight!

The fight against the titans is a highlight in "Sonic Frontiers"! Image: © Sega 2022

Collecting mania for collecting friends

Rings, keys, gears: In "Sonic Frontiers" there are many objects to collect. But they are not just a nice decoration or only increase your points account – you need them to unlock various actions.

You can use it to unlock portals for so-called cyberspace races in classic Sonic levels or improve Sonic's skills. How do you get the coveted items? It's up to you and your style of play! Eliminate opponents and guards, solve smaller puzzles or complete the races – you decide what you enjoy.

Gegner lassen sich auf verschiedene Arten bekämpfen

Enemies can be fought in different ways. Image: © Sega 2022

For those who like it quieter: fishing

Speaking of items: You can also get hold of them in "Sonic Frontiers" by dedicating yourself to fishing. Relaxed, you cast the rod out at the lake and see what bites. There is an abundance of small and large sea creatures that you can catch.

The nice thing about the cozy pastime: It is not useless. Fish bring points that you can exchange for items. Even with fishing, you have the opportunity to advance your game progress properly.

Sonic Frontiers angeln

Enjoy the beauty of the game worlds while fishing in "Sonic Frontiers".

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