Twitter Blue more expensive for iPhone users, longer tweets planned

Twitter Blue more expensive for iPhone users, longer tweets planned

Elon Musk has increased the price of Twitter Blue on Apple devices. After the false start of the premium function, the revised model is now online – iPhone users are asked to pay more.

Twitter Blue: Apple users pay more

With the relaunch of Twitter Blue, the short message service has increased its prices. While Android app users pay the advertised price on the website at $8, iPhone users pay $11 for the same premium feature.

Twitter owner Elon Musk explains the price difference with the high commissions from Apple, which he passes on in full to the subscribers of Twitter Blue. Apple keeps up to 30 percent of in-app purchases. However, Elon Musk is not ready to give up these earnings.

Those who take out the subscription on Twitter's website pay the general price without the Apple surcharge in the iPhone app. According to app store rules, developers are not allowed to indicate in their apps that cheap prices may be charged outside of the app.

Elon Musk plans new 4,000 character limit

Twitter will soon no longer be called a short message service. The current limit of 280 characters will be increased to 4,000 if Elon Musk plans to do so. When Twitter started, only 140 characters per tweet were allowed.

The well-known social media analyst Matt Navarra shows what the new tweets can look like in the future with possible design templates:

After that, complete articles could soon be published on Twitter, which will continue to be shortened in the user timeline to ensure the flow of reading.


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