BetterWay: Sustainable technology with the new SATURN logo

BetterWay: Sustainable technology with the new SATURN logo

The "BetterWay" label marks particularly sustainable products at SATURN. We have selected recommended products from various categories with the sustainability logo for you. For more environmental and climate protection, we have a choice of: washing machine, dishwasher, gaming monitor, keyboard and dryer.

BetterWay label for sustainable products

It is important to pay attention to sustainability when buying. The BetterWay label at Saturn helps you shop consciously. Only products that have already been assessed as sustainable by independent testing organizations are marked with the green BetterWay logo. This means that BetterWay products meet the criteria in the respective product category. You can easily see which sustainability criteria the product meets under "Sustainability" in the technical data on the product detail page. The new filter option for BetterWay products in the online shop is also practical.

Kennzeichnung nachhaltiger Produkte mit dem BetterWay-Logo

SATURN uses this BetterWay logo to identify sustainable products. Image: © SATURN 2022

Washing machine: LG F4WV708P1E


The LG washing machine was awarded the best energy label. Image: © LG 2022

The LG F4WV708P1E is a very efficient and quiet washing machine for up to eight kilograms of laundry. The classification of the machine in class A of the EU energy label confirms the economical use of electricity and water. Both energy efficiency and spin performance and noise were rated with an A.

LG F4WV708P1E Buy now at

Thanks to AI Direct Drive technology, the machine automatically determines the optimal wash cycle based on the weight of the laundry and the sensitivity of the fabric. The steam technology also ensures particularly thorough cleaning, which is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers. In the Allergy Care program, the washing machine heats the water so much that steam is produced. This ensures that up to 99.9 percent of all allergens are removed from clothing .

In addition to the Allergy Care program, the LG F4WV708P1E offers 13 other programs that ensure clean laundry . These include "Eco 40-60", "Duvets", "Sportswear" and "TurboWash39". The latter promises thorough cleaning in just 39 minutes. If desired, the LG F4WV708P1E can also be integrated into the smart home and controlled remotely via a smartphone app, Alexa or Google Assistant.

BetterWay: Follow the path to more sustainability with SATURN

Sustainability and environmental protection concern us all. SATURN is also committed to a conscious and fair way of life. Here you will find tips and tricks for saving energy, repairing and recycling technology as well as information about sustainable products with the BetterWay logo:

Keyboard: Cherry KC 1000


The Cherry keyboard is a cheap and good keyboard for the home office. Image: © Cherry 2022

The Cherry KC 1000 is a cheap and functional keyboard for the workplace with classic membrane keys. There's a number pad, four hotkeys for calculator, email, browser, and sleep modes, and three lit status LEDs. The keyboard works simply via plug & play via the USB port. The Cherry KC 1000 has been awarded the Blue Angel environmental label – for low energy consumption, durability and a recycling-friendly design.

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Dryer: Koenic KTD 9322 A3


The Koenic KTD 9322 A3 dries laundry at a low temperature. Image: © Koenic 2022

The free-standing heat pump dryer Koenic KTD 9322 A3 has been awarded the currently best energy label A+++ . The front loader holds nine kilograms of laundry and offers 14 different drying programs. Garments are dried at an air temperature of 55 to 60 °C and are therefore particularly fluffy. An anti-crease function loosens the laundry and prevents creases from forming. Temperature and residual moisture sensors detect how dry the clothes are and automatically switch off the dryer when the desired dryness level is reached.

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Dishwasher: Miele G 7310 SCI AutoDos


The Miele dishwasher works quickly, economically and quietly. Image: © Miele 2022

The Miele G 7310 SCI AutoDos washes your dishes economically, carefully and quietly. The partially integrated device is one of the few dishwashers in efficiency class C. Normally soiled dishes are clean again in just 58 minutes thanks to the QuickPowerWash short programme. The water consumption per operating cycle is only 8.9 liters, in the automatic program even 6.5 liters are sufficient. And with a volume of 42 decibels, washing dishes is particularly quiet.

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Thanks to EcoFeedback, you will find out the expected water and electricity consumption even before the wash cycle. The automatic load detection adjusts the water consumption to the amount of dishes. Thanks to the hot water connection, you save up to 50 percent electricity compared to a machine without such a connection.

It is very convenient to use. The dish dryer opens automatically at the end of the washing program and the dishes are dried. The door is also very easy to open and close manually and stays in place.

The Miele G 7100 SCU is recommended by the Öko-Institut 's Internet platform EcoTopTen . The criteria state: "The Öko-Institut has decided to recommend devices that, in addition to the requirements for energy and water consumption, are above all quiet and have a high-quality water protection system, in which the manufacturer is liable for the life of the device takes over in the event of damage."

Gaming Monitor: Lenovo G27c-10


The Lenovo monitor scores with a short response time and high refresh rate. Image: © Lenovo 2022

The Lenovo G27c-10 is suitable for thrilling gaming action. The 27-inch monitor with a curved design offers a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The frame is designed extra narrow for an immersive gaming experience. The response time is six milliseconds in Standard mode, four milliseconds in Extreme mode and just one millisecond with Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT) . The gaming monitor also scores with a refresh rate of 165 Hertz and the low blue light/flicker-free technology that is easy on the eyes. The Lenovo G27c-10 also carries the BetterWay label.

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