These sandals that Xiaomi sells are a success and cost less than 6 euros

These sandals that Xiaomi sells are a success and cost less than 6 euros

Xiaomi does not stop surprising us with new and interesting products. Not only their own, but also others from third parties, which, while maintaining the same value for money , Xiaomi sells on its crowdfunding platform.

An example of this are the EVA sandals. With more than 1,200 units sold and multiple positive reviews , they are taking over AliExpress , becoming a totally essential Xiaomi ecological chain product.

Best of all, we can now buy them for only 5.59 euros on AliExpress . A most tempting price, whether to use at home, at work or simply to go to the beach or be comfortable in our free time.

This is the EVA sandals that Xiaomi sells

The EVA sandals that Xiaomi sells are sandals that are characterized by their simple and minimalist design, but at the same time, for offering great comfort . Its material is soft to the touch, while resistant and flexible.

Estas sandalias que vende Xiaomi son todo un éxito y cuestan menos de 6 euros. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

In addition, these sandals have a non-slip sole, making them an ideal product to use in the bathroom or in damp places . A 10 product from Xiaomi through its crowdfunding platform, which we recommend you try for less than 6 euros.

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