The latest MIUI update allows us to generate money with our Xiaomi

The latest MIUI update allows us to generate money with our Xiaomi

Xiaomi continues to improve the features of MIUI . Although the customization layer is already very complete, the firm has incorporated new features that will allow us, among other options, to earn money with our smartphone .

As we can read through MIUIes , Xiaomi has updated the MIUI application vault , specifically from MIUI 14. Now, we not only get a higher level of customization, but also multiple possibilities to get extra money if you are a developer, designer or computer enthusiast.

New widget store for MIUI

With the V5.5.58 update, Xiaomi has added the possibility for users to upload their own widgets, thus creating a widget store open to multiple possibilities , both for customization and for generating income.

La última actualización de MIUI está hecha para que ganemos dinero con nuestro Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos
New MIUI Widget Store

In this way, we can no longer only add the widgets included in MIUI to the desktop of our smartphone, but also any other widget created by the wide community of users that revolve around Xiaomi products.

Of course, unfortunately this application store is only available for the MIUI China ROM , leaving it in doubt if it will finally reach the rest of the regions, with all its functionalities, either the Global ROM or the European ROM.

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