Sleep well, wake up gently: 7 gadgets for better sleep

Sleep well, wake up gently: 7 gadgets for better sleep

Falling asleep quickly, sleeping through the night undisturbed and waking up rested – that’s what everyone wants. If you can only dream of it so far, you should take a closer look at the following seven gadgets. They each want to contribute to restful sleep in their own unique way.

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Good sleep is important for health. Experts agree on that. Those who sleep better are more balanced, happier, healthier and live longer. However, many people are plagued by sleep problems. They find it difficult to fall asleep, cannot sleep through the night or suffer from one of the around 80 known types of sleep disorders. Simple measures and aids often help to improve the quality of sleep. We present you seven gadgets that help you fall asleep, wake you up gently in the morning or analyze your sleep. Well then good night!

Sleep Analysis & Snoring Monitoring with Withings Sleep

The smart sleep sensor mat Withings Sleep Analyzer is under the mattress. From there, it determines the different sleep cycles (deep, light and REM sleep), measures the heart rate and also offers snoring detection. In addition, the sensor mat should identify and point out early signs of sleep apnea. The result of the measurement can be viewed every morning in the Health Mate app.

The application provides information about sleep duration, sleep rhythm and sleep depth. Practical: Thanks to IFTTT integration , smart home components such as lamps and heating can be adapted to the user's sleep cycle.

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The sun rises with the Philips Wake-up Light

Beep, beep, peeeeeeeep! Many alarm clock sounds can make you really aggressive. The Philips Wake-up Light doesn't rely on sound to wake up sleepers: the device simulates the sunrise and continuously increases the light intensity over a period of 30 minutes. This should allow the body to wake up naturally. A sound selected by the user gently supports this process. Advantage of the wake-up light: No sensors have to be placed or worn on the body. But there is no possibility for sleep analysis.

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"Breathe" yourself to sleep with Somnox

Somnox is a mixture of cuddly toy and robot and is supposed to help you fall asleep faster. The pillow-shaped sleeping robot uses physical impulses to simulate a calm breathing rhythm, to which the user's breathing automatically adapts. This is supposed to help you relax and thereby reduce stress. Additionally, the pillow emits soothing sounds like white noise to help you fall asleep. These turn off automatically after falling asleep. The user can set his preferences in the manufacturer app.

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Fall asleep better with the Bluetooth music pillow Sound Asleep

Sound Asleep Musikkissen

Even the little ones like to fall asleep to the sounds of a music box. Music calms – adults too. If you want to try it out, you can test the Sound Asleep music cushion. It measures 74 x 48 centimeters and has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that is unnoticeable when you are lying on the pillow. You can connect the pillow to your smartphone and other devices via Bluetooth wireless technology and listen to music, podcasts, audio books and more. This is possible for up to eight hours, after which the pillow must be charged using a micro USB cable.

Pajamas for the ears: AcousticSheep SleepPhones

Of course, you can also use ordinary headphones to listen to music to calm you down. In many cases, however, this is likely to be uncomfortable and more likely to hinder falling asleep. AcousticSheep's SleepPhones should be particularly comfortable to wear, the manufacturer speaks of "pajamas for the ears". The speakers are integrated into a soft fleece headband, which is available in sizes XS, M and XL and can be adjusted individually.

An MP3 player or smartphone is connected via a standard audio port (3.5 millimetres), alternatively there are SleepPhones with Bluetooth. The wireless models can drown out disruptive ambient noise such as loud neighbors and snoring bedfellows for around eight to twelve hours. Then the integrated battery has to be charged.

Sleep & perform better with the Oura Ring

Started as a Kickstarter campaign, the Oura Ring is now regularly available in stores. The wearable is worn both during the day and at night. With its integrated sensors, it records the heartbeat, movement and body temperature of the wearer, calculates the respiratory rate and prepares the analysis clearly in a smartphone app. The Oura Ring automatically detects when its wearer goes to bed and how well they are recovering from the day's exertions at night. Based on this, the associated app provides recommendations and tips for improving sleep.

Wake up gently with the aXbo sleep phase alarm clock

aXbo Schlafphasenwecker

The aXbo sleep phase alarm clock comes with a matching bracelet. Image: © aXbo 2016

The makers of the aXbo sleep phase alarm clock are all about waking up gently. "Get up fresh and rested, as if you woke up yourself" – this is how the manufacturer advertises its smart gadget, which also takes the sleep phases into account when waking you up. The alarm clock uses motion sensors to recognize which phase of sleep the owner is currently in. They are housed in the supplied wristband made of soft terry cloth. The Axbo alarm clock is available as a single variant and with a second sensor for couples.


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