Fitbit & Co.: 5 fitness tracker manufacturer apps at a glance

Fitbit & Co.: 5 fitness tracker manufacturer apps at a glance

Fitness trackers not only show a lot of data and fitness tips on their display, but also in the associated app. We introduce you to the 5 most important manufacturer apps.

Fitbit: App for Fitbit Charge, Versa & Co.

The Fitbit app evaluates the data from fitness trackers like the Fitbit Charge 5 and fitness smartwatches like the Fitbit Versa 4 . All products with Fitbit in their name are compatible. The app itself records all the basic activities and runs. In combination with Fitbit's Aria Air WiFi scale, it can even provide an overview of body fat percentage and BMI.

Other features of the Fitbit app: an overview of the daily goals and progress, steps taken, floors climbed or calories burned. The application also records heart rate, sleep phases, etc. and has training and meditation programs. A cycle tracker is also on board. The information is displayed in a clear dashboard. The Fitbit app is also compatible with various third-party providers.

Available for: iOS , Android

Price: Free download. Some features require a premium subscription .

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Huawei Health: Provides nutritional analysis


The Huawei Health app can help you lose weight. Image: © Huawei 2022

Huawei Health is the companion app for Huawei smartwatches and wearables. Whether Huawei Watch Fit 2 or Huawei Watch D – all current fitness trackers and smartwatches from the manufacturer are compatible. In addition to the standard functions of fitness apps such as counting steps and sleep tracking, the application offers more than 200 fitness courses, nutritional analysis and a food diary including a calorie counter.

You can save yourself the manual typing of nutritional values thanks to the integrated scan function. As soon as you upload a photo of a nutritional table, the app automatically recognizes what you have eaten. And gives you tips on how to burn calories again. Practical!

Available for: iOS , Android

Price: Free download. Some features require a Health+ membership.

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Garmin Connect: Compete with friends

Garmin Connect is used to evaluate the data from the manufacturer's trackers and smartwatches. All current models such as the Garmin Vivoactive 4S or the Garmin Venu 2 are compatible. The application shows maps and stats for each activity, allows you to view progress towards daily goals and creates training plans. If you need additional motivation during sports, you can also stay in touch with friends via Garmin Connect and challenge them to a competition. You can also share your progress in real time with friends and family via the "Livetrack" function.

In addition, Garmin Connect not only offers a cycle tracker, but also the option for pregnant women to save and keep track of their symptoms.

Available for: iOS , Android

Price: Free download. Some features are only available with compatible Garmin devices.

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Samsung Health: Analyzes your sleep type

To use the full potential of smartwatches and fitness trackers like the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 or the Galaxy Fit 2 , you need Samsung Health. The fitness app covers all basic functions. It records steps and calories burned and gives you information about your goals and your stress level.

A highlight is the detailed sleep analysis, which assigns you a certain type and gives you suggestions for improvement in a detailed monitoring. For example, Samsung Health also recognizes chronic snorers. The app also offers numerous training videos from which you can choose your favorites and put them together to form a complete training plan.

Available for: iOS and Android

Price: Free. Some functions are only available for users with a suitable Samsung wearable.

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Withings Health Mate: With baby mode

Activities, sleep, weight, heart rate – the Withings Health Mate fitness app records all the data you have collected with the Withings ScanWatch or the Withings Body Cardio WiFi scale, for example, and prepares it for you in a clear analysis. Daily or weekly goals can be set and the app provides support in the form of everyday tips for a fitter lifestyle.

The application also has two features ready for (expectant) families: a baby mode, which parents can use to track the weight of their baby, and a pregnancy tracker, which, among other things, provides suitable content for each stage of pregnancy.

Available for: iOS, Android

Price: Free download. Some features are only available with compatible Withings devices.

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