Almost like a real massage: 7 electric massagers for the home

Almost like a real massage: 7 electric massagers for the home

Ouch! Sitting a lot and not moving often comes at a price, especially in the home office: it pinches and pinches in the back, neck and other body regions – massage devices can provide relief. Here you will find seven useful devices for different locations – from the neck to the feet.

Smart massage gun from Therabody: Not just for athletes

In everyday life, after work or after training, the Therabody Theragun is your best friend! The massage gun, which is also popular with professional athletes, relies on what is known as percussive therapy: it treats certain areas of the body with a deep massage. The key is precise amplitude, which is how far the device's arm moves back and forth. The Theragun features an amplitude of 16 mm – according to the manufacturer, it penetrates 60 percent deeper into the muscle than average massage devices. The massage gun is quieter than an electric toothbrush.

With the right Therabody app, you can develop wellness routines and integrate them into your everyday life. The app can also be connected to Apple Health and Google Fit and suggests suitable recovery programs based on recorded workouts. For different body areas and different types of pain, Therabody supplies different attachments for the Theragun: a Dampener attachment for sensitive areas, a Ball for general use, a Wedge attachment for shoulder blades and IT bands, a Thumb attachment for pressure points, and a cone attachment for spot treatment, also on hands and feet.

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Hand massage device from Sanitas: The all-rounder for the whole body

sanitas 642.05 SMG 11 Handmassagegerät

The hand massager from Sanitas is also suitable for on the go. Image: © Saturn/Sanitas 2020

You don't just want a massager for a specific body part, but a gadget that you can use to reach many regions? Then a small hand massager like the one from Sanitas is right for you. With the mini masseur, small problem areas on the neck, back, arms and legs are easy to reach; three massage heads work on the respective area with gentle vibrations. Since the handheld massager measures only 100 x 100 millimeters and is battery-operated, it can easily be carried in a backpack or pocket.

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Foot massage device from Beurer: Shiatsu and compression instead of a water bath


After a hard day on your feet, the Shiatsu foot massager is just what you need. Image: © Beurer 2022

When it comes to foot massage devices, many people automatically think of devices with an integrated water bath. The FM 90 from Beurer proves that you can do it without the sparkling water. You slide your feet into the inserts of the igloo-shaped gadget, the foot massager then massages you in two ways: The soles and heels get a Shiatsu massage that stimulates the foot reflex zones. The top of the foot is treated with compression, i.e. it receives an air pressure massage. In addition, the FM 90 emits heat, which provides additional relaxation.

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Massage cushions from Beurer: Hardly recognizable as a massage device

Beurer MG 135 Shiatsu Massagekissen

The Beurer massage cushion will spoil you with a Shiatsu massage. Image: © Beurer 2020

Do you feel like a relaxing massage after a long day at work? If no trained hands are around, a massage cushion like the MG 135 from Beurer is a good substitute. It works with four rotating massage heads in pairs that imitate a classic Shiatsu massage. There is also a heat function. So that the cushion fits into your home, you can cover it with a cushion cover of your choice without restricting its functionality. The massage device can be used anywhere, for example on the shoulders, back, neck or legs.

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Medisana Shiatsu neck massage device: Deeply effective kneading massage

Medisana NM 890 Shiatsu Nackenmassagegerät

The Medisana NM 890 specifically takes care of the neck area. Picture:

If the neck region causes repeated problems, it is worth investing in a Shiatsu neck massager. The NM 890 from Medisana vigorously kneads the neck and shoulder area with four massage heads. This can be painful at first if you have severe tension, but show its relaxing effect after repeated use and loosen the hardened nodules. The NM 890 also offers a heat function that can be activated parallel to the massage.

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Massage pad from Medisana: Treats the entire back


A massage pad is recommended for a massage of the entire back. Image: © Medisana 2022

If the entire back including the shoulder area is to be massaged, a massage pad is a good investment. You usually attach the pad to a chair or armchair, and when you sit down it relaxes your muscles through pressure, vibration and infrared heat. The Medisana 88953 Shiatsu massage pad lets you choose from three massage zones: the entire back, just the upper or just the lower back. There is also a separate neck massage function and a switchable red light and heat function. The pad in high-quality leather look is easy to operate using the cable remote control.

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Massage ball with vibration from Compex: targeted against stuck fascia


You can use the massage ball before or after training to relax muscles and fascia. Image: © Compex 2022

Do you have specific painful trigger points that you would like to treat? A massage ball can be helpful here. Whether on the chest, back, legs or buttocks, the Compex Molecule massage ball loosens tense regions with vibrations and loosens possible adhesions of the fascia. You have the choice between four intensity levels. The battery-operated silicone gadget weighs only 310 grams, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. It is charged via micro USB.

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