German trailer for the film series »Princess Principal: Crown Handler« released

German trailer for the film series »Princess Principal: Crown Handler« released

December 17, 2022

Crunchyroll recently announced with the preview of the first films of the cinema event Crunchyroll Anime Night 2023 that Princess Principal: Crown Handler will celebrate its German premiere next year as a double feature. Appropriately, a first German trailer has now been released (see below).

Chapters 1 and 2 of the Princess Principal: Crown Handler film series will be released in German cinemas on April 25, 2023 as a double feature.

The German dubbing was done by Hamburg Synchron based on the dialogue book by Haye Graf and directed by Daniela Reidies. The German cast includes Marnie Aramruck as Ange le Carré, Stephanie Damare as Dorothy and Arlette Stanschus as Princess.

Princess Principal: Crown Handler is a six-part spy action film series and continues the 12-part anime series that aired on Japanese TV between July and September 2017. Studio Actas is responsible for the production, which is directed by Masaki Tachibana. Yuki Kajiura is responsible for the background music. The first film premiered on February 11, 2021, followed by the second film on September 23, 2022.

The twelve-part anime series Princess Principal is already available in Germany from Crunchyroll on DVD and Blu-ray with German and Japanese voice output.

German trailer:


This is what Princess Principal is about :

With the discovery of the material "Cavorite" the Kingdom of Albion became a world hegemonic power at the end of the 19th century. However, the misery of the working class remained unchanged – so it came to the revolution, which finally split the country into east and west and separated them by a wall. Years later, in the course of the ongoing shadow war, the Republic plans “Operation Cuckoo's Child”: top spy agent Ange is to be exchanged for the princess of the kingdom, whom she looks confusingly similar to.

The undercover student gets help from Dorothy, an excellent marksman with a lot of feminine charm. But when the two sneak off to a prom on a mission, they realize the princess isn't who she says she is. With "Princess" as their new accomplice, the team is sent on dangerous missions where the girls have to walk over dead bodies…

Source: Crunchyroll Images: © 2018 Princess Principal Project

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