WhatsApp greetings for New Year's Eve 2022: 32 videos, sayings and pictures

WhatsApp greetings for New Year's Eve 2022: 32 videos, sayings and pictures

What are you doing on New Year's Eve 2022? Well, hopefully send WhatsApp pictures and videos to your loved ones when you're not partying with them! With us you will find 32 ideas for New Year's greetings in the form of sayings, pictures or videos.

WhatsApp sayings: 15 ideas for New Year wishes

The old year is almost over, the resolutions for the new year have been made and the champagne is already cold? Very good! When preparing for New Year's Eve 2022, you shouldn't forget to think about friends and relatives who you won't see again until the new year. A nice saying is quickly typed in and sent via WhatsApp…

  1. Happy New Year! May it be better than the old one was!
  2. It bangs and bangs that night, another year has passed. Then a hangover the next morning, but those are the smallest worries. Happy New Year!
  3. The new year is coming quietly, singing to you of hope and love. Whatever it sounds like to you, every spring sings new songs.
  4. Happy New Year – may your good resolutions outlive your hangover!
  5. It wobbles late through the night and wind, a little pig that laughs and sings. It only wishes one thing, that's clear: lots of luck in the new year!
  6. The new year has just begun, the first resolutions have melted away. What the heck, there's no turning back! Good luck and success in the new year!
  7. Don't be the first to grasp something new, don't be the last to let go of the old.
  8. Considering that I won't be able to use my cell phone in a few hours, I already wish you a happy new year!
  9. I hope to be able to want more and have to have less in the new year.
  10. With fireworks and bangs – a great New Year's Eve for all of you!
  11. Go into the new year with courage, then everything will be fine!
  12. A shamrock lay by the wayside, was all alone when I found it. I picked it up and walked a little. I give it to you, it brings you luck.
  13. Live! Love! Laugh! In this way, make your new year a celebration that lets you celebrate your life.
  14. Still and quietly, this is how I send this message on a journey. With joy and greetings it should sweeten the new year for you.
  15. Whether it's New Year's Eve or not – you're the hit, even in the new year!

Greetings for the New Year: 12 New Year's Eve pictures to send

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words – and fortunately there are plenty of New Year's Eve pictures to send. If you want to send your WhatsApp contacts into the new year with a thematically appropriate picture, then take a look at Pixabay , Flickr , 123gif or GBPicsOnline . On these websites you will find many free images. Important: With Flickr you should check the image rights in each individual case! Not every photo has been uploaded with a Creative Commons license. You can also find what you are looking for on many Facebook pages.

5 WhatsApp videos for New Year's Eve: start the new year with excitement

It's okay to drink one over your thirst every year. But only if you have thought of all the important people beforehand and sent them a New Year's greeting. Do you find WhatsApp sayings and images boring? Then just browse YouTube for a moment. There you will surely find a suitable WhatsApp video for New Year's Eve. For example:

  1. countdown
  2. Goose & teddies celebrate New Year's Eve
  3. Nice animation
  4. Funny New Year Numbers!
  5. New Year countdown tower clock

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