10 gift ideas for the coffee junkie in your family

10 gift ideas for the coffee junkie in your family

Do you also have a person in your circle of friends or family who really celebrates drinking coffee or who would not be able to do without the daily caffeine kick? Then you are dealing with a true coffee junkie. With these gifts you make him even more excited!

1. Delonghi coffee tamper

Delonghi Kaffee-Tamper in Edelstahl-Esche

The Delonghi coffee tamper in the stainless steel ash variant Image: © Delonghi 2022

How do you generate the necessary contact pressure for a perfect coffee? With this stylish coffee tamper from Delonghi . With it you compress the coffee powder. The water runs through more slowly and more aroma is extracted. Also suitable for choleric coffee drinkers to bang on the table.

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2. Bag of Warning

If the caffeine addict is unresponsive before the first coffee, the environment should be forewarned. With this stylish cotton bag, she can not only heave the coffee beans home, but also make a statement. The pouch is available from Society6 .

3. Scented Coffee Candle

The dear aunt just can't get enough of the smell of coffee? Then give her a very special present. This coffee candle not only smells wonderful, but is also self-made – and that is known to be particularly popular with relatives. You can find the instructions for a burn-off caramel latte on the Simply Stacie blog.

4. Aero-Press for the connoisseur

There is always a relative in the family who is enthusiastic about technology. You can make it happy with the Aero-Press. This coffee maker is a real all-rounder because it easily combines brewing methods such as manual infusion and French press. The operation of the "press" is child's play. You can order it from Yuppiechef .

5. Espresso oil spoils the palate

Pamath Bio-Espressoöl

The noble organic espresso oil from Pamath. Image: © Pamath 2022

Anyone who makes an art of cooking will not say no to this noble drop. We're talking about Pamath organic espresso oil , because the black bean is not only full of caffeine, but also contains oils that are obtained through cold pressing. The oil is said to add a delicate touch to sweets, pasta and salads.

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6. The Barisieur: The luxury gift

The Barisieur combines an alarm clock with a coffee maker. When you get up, a fragrant cup of coffee is already waiting for you. Unfortunately, the device for the bedside table will probably not be available until summer 2017. But the next opportunity to give it away will definitely come.

7. Rich face mask

Coffee is good for everything: you can drink it, eat it, smell it – and rub it on your body. What? Yes, actually – the Cup O' Coffee is a mask for face and body and is supposed to free your pores from all impurities. Great for the spotty little cousin, right?

8. Bike coffee holder for the sporty ones

Wicked Chili Becherhalter für Rohe und Griffe

The Wicked Chili cup holder for pipes and handles. Image: © Wicked Chili 2022

It's mean: You always ride your bike and you can't enjoy the delicious morning coffee – until now! Wicked Chili's special cup holder attaches to handlebars and other grips or tubes.

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9. Golden clip for coffee powder

For the coffee drinker who has everything, this cute coffee clip is ideal for keeping the beans fresh. At the same time it is also a measuring spoon. If there is no joy, the caffeine intake must be increased.

10. Cup with thermometer

Too hot? Too cold? With this mug with an integrated thermometer , you can enjoy the bean drink at your desired temperature. The thermometer turns red when you fill the cup and turns black when it's ready to drink.


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