Xbox game price increase: Microsoft is serious

Xbox game price increase: Microsoft is serious

Microsoft has decided to increase the price of Xbox games, following other publishers who have already taken this step. Upcoming premium games for the console are particularly affected.

Elaborate premium games are becoming more expensive

As the game portal IGN reports, the price increase primarily affects high-quality premium games, so-called AAA titles. These include, for example, Forza Motorsport, Starfield and Redfall. The expenses for the implementation of the video games have risen sharply, so that the current prices are no longer tenable.

Microsoft is following the path of the publishers Sony, Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive. They have already announced their price increases. They cite increased development costs as a reason. After all, video game prices have remained relatively constant since the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 came out.

For Xbox games, the price will rise to just under $70 in 2023, a 16 percent increase from the current $60 most of the time. Microsoft's announcement only affects the US gaming market for the time being. Traditionally, however, such adjustments are quickly introduced in other countries.

Xbox Series X and S: console prices under scrutiny

A price increase for Xbox games naturally raises the question of whether console prices will also increase. For many years, the most important game consoles have been offered below value in order to increase sales. These losses are then compensated by selling the games. What makes customers happy at first could now become a problem.

The current chip shortage and the worldwide increase in purchase prices at least raise doubts about the system of the manufacturers. However, when asked by IGN, Microsoft promises that there will be no price changes for Xbox consoles for the time being.


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