Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: Display leak confirms rumors

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: Display leak confirms rumors

Shortly after the launch of the Z Flip 4, there were already first reports of upgrades to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. New information about the high-end folding phone is promising. With a larger cover display and other technical details, the manufacturer shows that it takes user criticism seriously and counteracts it.

Samsung wants to follow suit so as not to lose its pioneering position in the folding phone market. The competition is already launching models that are superior to the current Flip 4 in some respects. With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung is catching up, as the technology blog Tom's Guide reports.

The Flip 5 cover display becomes really useful

Many customers wanted a larger cover display for the Flip 4. The corresponding upgrade comes with the Flip 5: the small screen when closed grows from 1.9 inches (Flip 3+4) to 3.3 inches (Flip 5). An animated view of the smartphone in the video by Multi Tech Media suggested this step months ago. In a tweet, well-informed tech leaker Ross Young confirms these assumptions:

Farewell to dust: the annoying gap disappears

So far, Samsung has been reluctant to let the two foldable halves rest completely on top of each other when designing the hinge for the flip and fold models. Technically, the manufacturer stayed on the safe side: With more space in the display bend, Samsung protected itself against possible display cracks. Thanks to a new hinge architecture, this unwanted gap will disappear in the future.

At the same time, the display becomes more flexible overall. The visible joint should be smaller in combination with the new hinge. Customers will probably soon be spared the dust plague of the entire Z series. Competitor models already rely on this feature, but are inferior to the Flip series in other technical points and in terms of price. According to the current status, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 can be expected in autumn 2023.


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