MIUI 14 changelog leaked with all its new features

MIUI 14 changelog leaked with all its new features

Through Twitter, the renowned informant Kacper Skrzypek leaked the changelog, or changelog, of MIUI 14 along with its features . The first builds of the upcoming update were detected on the MIUI server, and they reveal interesting news such as super icons , design changes and many optimizations .

The leak reveals that MIUI 14 will be a new design-oriented interface . However, the customization layer will not neglect the optimization of the system. The interface is designed to make efficient use of memory, increase fluidity and improve system stability.

The Changelog or record of changes of MIUI 14

The changes and improvements presented in the MIUI 14 changelog only apply to the Chinese version of the personalization layer . Therefore, it is likely that many of these features will not land in the Global ROM or EEA.

The update was expected to land on at least 25 mobiles from the company . However, it is unknown when it could happen because the official presentation of the update has been postponed. For now, we tell you all the new features of the MIUI 14 Changelog .

Most outstanding features of MIUI 14

Filter the change log or Changelog of MIUI 14 for China

The first MIUI 14 builds reveal some very notable interesting features. This new set of functions is added to the main novelties revealed by Xiaomi on which the update focuses. Here is a summary of the most important changes:

  • The changelog reveals that MIUI 14 uses less memory while remaining just as fast and responsive . Even for prolonged periods.
  • The system architecture was improved, which allows to increase the performance of pre-installed and third-party applications . Along with maintaining energy savings.
  • Increased attention to detail in MIUI customization.
  • All mobile actions are now done locally , supporting end-to-end privacy across 30+ scenes, without storing data in the cloud.
  • My Smart Hub has been revamped to run faster and be compatible with more devices.
  • Now all kinds of essentials can be shared through family services.

Basic MIUI 14 experience according to the changelog

  • The system architecture has been improved to allow higher performance of pre-installed and third-party applications while conserving power.
  • MIUI runs faster and more responsive for long periods while using less memory.
  • Games are smoother thanks to stabilized framing.

Personalization Details

  • The widgets have new formats that allow other combinations that make the user experience more convenient.
  • Now MIUI offers virtual companion plants or pets to appear on the home screen.
  • Redefined personalization details.
  • Added super icons to give a new look to the home screen. You need to update your home screen and themes to the latest version to enjoy super icons.
  • Now desktop folders highlight the apps you need most and can be accessed with just a tap.

Privacy protection according to the MIUI 14 Changelog

  • You can long press on any text on a gallery image that will be instantly identified by the system. There are 8 languages available.
  • Live captioners can now use the speech-to-text tool to transcribe what is said in meetings or broadcasts as it happens.
  • More than 30 scenes support end-to-end privacy, so no data is stored in the cloud and all actions are recorded locally.

Interconnectivity details

  • My Smart Hub is renewed to be compatible with more devices and work much faster.
  • The bandwidth assigned to the interconnectivity makes the connection and the transfer of data much faster.
  • You can connect headphones, tablets and televisions more easily and switch between them without difficulties.
  • New pop-up window to enter text from the mobile to the TV.
  • Easy to transfer incoming calls to a tablet.

family services

  • Now you can share all kinds of essential information with your loved ones through family services.
  • Family services now allow you to create groups of up to 8 members with different roles and permissions.
  • Albums can be shared with your family group. In addition, they can view and upload new items to the album.
  • You can set the album of your choice as a TV screen saver.
  • You can share health data like heart rate, blood oxygen, and more through family services.
  • New parental control measures for child accounts.

Voice assistant features according to the MIUI 14 changelog

  • My AI is no longer just a voice assistant. Now you can use the scanner, translator, answer calls and more.
  • You can use simple voice commands to perform complicated tasks with the My AI assistant.
  • MIUI 14 changelogs reveal that the assistant can now scan and recognize anything. From plants to documents.
  • My AI assistant now has new smart translation tools that support a wide variety of languages.
  • Now the assistant can easily filter or handle calls.

Other interesting features of the MIUI 14 Changelog

  • The search system in the Configuration section has been improved. Now it has history and categories.
  • The device supports other types of wireless readers, such as admitted cars or student IDs.
  • You can sign out of your account and keep your cards there without adding them again.
  • You can increase the connection speed by using mobile data when the WiFi signal is weak.

As we discussed earlier, many of these features are exclusively limited to the MIUI China ROM due to certain restrictions . Therefore, the global version of MIUI 14 will not have available some of these functions reflected in the changelog.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi planned to present the MIUI 14 update together with Xiaomi 13 on the first day of December. However, due to the passing of former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, the company and many other manufacturers have decided to postpone their release dates until further notice .

Therefore, it is unknown when Xiaomi will resume its plans . Although we hope it will be as soon as possible. From XIAOMIADICTOS, we will make sure to keep you informed. Remember that you can follow us through social networks and in our general Telegram chat to read more about it.

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