Create a WhatsApp survey: How it works in Android and iOS

Create a WhatsApp survey: How it works in Android and iOS

Finally! WhatsApp has its own survey function. Gone are the days when you could only vote with your WhatsApp contacts indirectly using Doodle or another tool. We'll show you how easy it is to create a WhatsApp survey – on Android and iOS.

Voting in WhatsApp groups can be really annoying! Especially when it comes to surveys with more than one person, it quickly becomes confusing and confusing. With the new survey function for Messenger, you can quickly and easily get an opinion on certain topics or proposed appointments – and the result is presented in a very clear way. We'll show you how it's done.

Creating a WhatsApp survey: Here's how, step by step


On Android smartphones, the new survey function is hidden behind the paper clip button. Image: © Screenshots 2022

The new survey function is available for both individual chats and group chats and is very easy to use. How to create a poll:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone or iPhone.
  2. Go to the chat where you want to create a poll.
  3. Tap on the paperclip symbol for attachments in the text field (Android) or on the plus button (iOS) and select "Survey".
  4. Now the survey tool opens: You can ask a question and specify up to twelve voting options below it.
  5. Press the submit arrow and your poll will appear in the chat.
  6. All chat participants can now select one or more answer options. You can also take part in voting.

Pros and cons of the new polling feature

It's super handy that Messenger now has its own polling feature built-in. This way you no longer have to use tools like Doodle to create an external survey with WhatsApp contacts, which you then share via chat. The WhatsApp survey provides a quick overview without you having to leave the chat. The status of the voting is visible to every chat member at any time. Even votes via emoji reactions are not as clear and intuitive as the new WhatsApp poll.

However, the voting function is still very simple and does not offer the same options as Doodle or other tools. So you can only agree to an answer option or not. However, especially when arranging appointments, it could make sense to also have a "maybe" option. Also, you have no way to limit the answer options. So you should write it explicitly if you only want one answer per person.

WhatsApp surveys cannot currently be forwarded either. However, you can reply to it or react with an emoji.


  • WhatsApp recently launched a handy survey tool for Android and iOS.
  • You will find the survey function behind the paperclip symbol (Android) or the plus button (iOS).
  • Up to twelve answer options are possible per survey.
  • The status of the voting is visible to every chat member at any time.
  • Each chat participant can select all suitable answers.
  • There is currently no option to limit the possible answers of the participants.

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