New details on the disc release of »Platinum End« are available

New details on the disc release of »Platinum End« are available

November 13, 2022

We recently reported that Crunchyroll is releasing the 24-part anime series Platinum End on disc in this country. An entry on Amazon has now revealed further details about the planned disc release.

Platinum End is expected to be released on Blu-ray on February 9th, 2023. All 24 episodes are included with German, English and Japanese voice output as well as the clear opening and ending as an extra. Since only the Blu-ray version has been listed so far, it is still unclear whether the anime will also be available on DVD.

Platinum End includes a total of 24 episodes that aired on Japanese TV from October 2021 to March 2022. The Signal.MD studio was responsible for the adaptation, with Hideya Takahashi serving as the first director and Kazuchika Kise as the second director. While Shinichi Inotsume wrote the screenplay, Koji Odate contributed to the character design.

In German-speaking countries, Wakanim and Crunchyroll showed the series both with German subtitles in the simulcast and with German soundtrack in the SimulDub. The Battle Royale anime is based on the manga series of the same name by Death Note duo Tsugumi Ohba (lyrics) and Takeshi Obata (artwork). The publisher TOKYOPOP has already published all 14 volumes in the local trade.

Pre-order now on Amazon:
> Complete Edition ( Blu-ray )

> Watch the series on Crunchyroll (OmU|DE)
> Watch the series at Wakanim (OmU|DE)

German OmU trailer:


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This is what Platinum End is about:

After the death of his parents, Mirai Kakehashi ends up with his relatives who mistreat him. The years in her "care" leave Mirai in a deep depression and even lead him to attempt suicide. But before this succeeds, Mirai is rescued by a mysterious girl in white. She introduces herself as Nasse and reveals herself to him as a guardian angel. Desiring nothing more than Mirai's happiness, Nasse gives him supernatural abilities that could even make him a god. But in order to achieve this goal, Mirai must first defeat the other 12 candidates – within 999 days.

Source : Amazon , Crunchyrolld © Tsugumi Ohba,Takeshi Obata/SHUEISHA,Platinum End Project

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