Take this smart bulb from Xiaomi for less than 3 euros (11 of 11 from AliExpress)

Take this smart bulb from Xiaomi for less than 3 euros (11 of 11 from AliExpress)

Until next November 13, AliExpress will be celebrating its long-awaited 11th of 11th . A festival full of offers and great discounts, like the one we bring you below for the Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb .

For only 2.99 euros we can buy the Xiaomi Mi Smart Led Bulb in AliExpress Plaza , that is, with shipping from Spain and warranty. To do this you will only have to collect the seller's discount coupon , which will give us an extra discount on the final price.

This is the Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb

The Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb is an intelligent light bulb that gives us lighting with a natural (neutral) effect . The fixture offers multiple benefits such as 2700K warm white light , low color temperature and also a warm yellow light. Ideal for creating a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Ahorra en tu factura eléctrica gracias a esta económica bombilla de Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

As far as brightness is concerned, this bulb is capable of reaching 810 lumens . However, you can adjust the brightness at any time to create different moods throughout the day . All this is possible thanks to its WiFi connectivity.

Through Xiaomi Home you can turn it on or off remotely, schedule switching on times or even automate its operation in relation to the status of other smart devices of the company. Plus, it's compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa .

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