Apple wants to replace the "Hey Siri" command with a simple "Siri"

Apple wants to replace the "Hey Siri" command with a simple "Siri"

Apple is apparently planning a fundamental change for Siri. The language assistant should soon simply listen to the speech "Siri" – without a previous trigger word. However, Apple users will probably have to wait a little longer for this simplification.

"Hey Siri" should become a simple "Siri". Apple has been working on this for months, reports Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman in his current issue of his newsletter Power On (via 9to5Mac ). It is "a technical challenge that requires a lot of AI training and basic programming".

Apple is currently testing the command simplification for its language assistant with employees and is thus collecting the necessary training data for the artificial intelligence. It is important that Siri understands her name with many different accents and dialects.

Siri should catch up with the competition – in 2023 or 2024

Apple also wants to improve Siri's integration with third-party apps and services, according to Gurman. In addition, the general understanding of the language assistant is being worked on. The speech Siris should work better and the commands should be implemented more reliably.

The fact that Apple is working on a simpler way of addressing Siri is also due to the competition, which is sometimes a step ahead: Amazon's Alexa already listens to a simple "Alexa" – without a previous trigger word. If Apple were to follow suit, the company would at least be a bit ahead of the Google Assistant. This is still called out with "Hey Google" or "Okay Google".

However, since this seemingly simple change is a major technical challenge, a corresponding Siri update is not expected before 2023. Depending on how the current tests are going, it is also possible that Siri will not reliably listen to a simplified speech until 2024.


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