ProSieben MAXX sends »Astra Lost in Space« to the rerun

ProSieben MAXX sends »Astra Lost in Space« to the rerun

October 30, 2022

A good year ago, ProSieben MAXX broadcast the sci-fi anime Astra Lost in Space as a German TV premiere. Entries in the TV program recently revealed that the free TV broadcaster will soon be including the series in its program again.

According to the entries, ProSieben will send MAXX Astra Lost in Space into the rerun from November 11, 2022 . An episode is always broadcast on the night from Friday to Saturday at around 11:50 p.m. All episodes that are shown with German dubbing are available on demand in the media library after they have been broadcast.

Astra Lost in Space premiered on Japanese TV from July to September 2019. The production of Astra Lost in Space was attended by Studio Lerche, directed by Masaomi Ando, assisted by Yūsuke Shibata. Character design is by Keiko Kurosawa, while Norimitsu Kaiho wrote the screenplay. In Germany, the twelve-part sci-fi anime has already been released on DVD and Blu-ray by LEONINE Anime with German and Japanese voiceovers.

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This is what Astra Lost in Space is about:

In the year 2061, space travel has long since become commonplace, and nine Caird High students embark on their field trip to an interplanetary camp. Shortly after arrival, however, an inexplicable incident occurs: a mysterious sphere of light teleports the students into the middle of space, leaving them 5012 light-years from their home planet. There, the teenagers discover an abandoned spaceship and now it's up to them to make the best of the desperate situation. In order to return home, they must face the dangerous situation, manage their limited resources well and, above all, show team spirit!

Source: prisma Images: ©篠原健太/集英社・彼方のアストラ製作委員会

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