WhatsApp: Get well soon – 20 loving ideas

WhatsApp: Get well soon – 20 loving ideas

If your colleagues, best friends or close relatives are feeling down, you can use WhatsApp to wish them a quick, direct and personal get well soon – and cheer them up with a creative message. With our 20 loving ideas, we will tell you how to formulate recovery wishes in such a way that they really have a constructive effect.

Sometimes we just don't have the right words to express what we think and feel. Our collection of funny sayings, rich thoughts and practical tips give your get well wishes on WhatsApp the necessary polish.

Get well soon: Funny sayings as a get well wish

Mann auf Bett mit Smartphone

Get well soon, when hit in the right tone, can work wonders. Image: © Pexels/Ivan Samkov 2022

Laughter is known to be the best medicine. That's why get well wishes with a touch of wit are usually particularly well received. If there is sarcasm or irony involved, be careful. Some sick people tend to overreact when they are not feeling well. Our funniest sayings for a speedy recovery via WhatsApp:

  • Be sure to put your feet up. But first make sure you have the remote close to you!
  • Work/school/everyday life is so boring without you! So pull your nose up and get well soon!
  • Due to the risk of contagion, I only give a virtual recovery greeting! More when you are fit again.
  • You're fine with staying away from work/school/family too, right? Best wishes from [name].
  • Cheer up, [name], it really can't get any worse. Get well soon!
  • You're not in the hospital, you're on a wellness holiday with jello! But please come back soon.
  • Everything's going to be haywire here without you, but we'll survive. Get well first, dear [name]!

Philosophical Poems and Thoughts on Illness

Menschen auf Bett mit Buch und Tee

Some people particularly appreciate creative thoughts – especially when they are ill. Image: © Pexels/Cup of Couple 2022

There is a widespread belief that people who are ill should still put some effort into their heads. And many even like to do that. Clever poems and thoughts by well-known personalities who have their own views on the subject of recovery are ideal for getting the brain pumping again. This is how you wish a speedy recovery on WhatsApp – and will definitely leave a lasting impression:

  • Be careful with medical advice. You could die from a misprint! (Mark Twain)
  • The hours have already passed, pain and happiness have vanished. Feel it! you will heal; trust new day view! (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  • And if the sky gets grayer, whoever looks at the world with confidence will be happy when a rain shower with storm and lightning passes by. (Wilhelm Busch)
  • The common thread of recovery is the thread of patience. (Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Uhlenbruck)
  • Wealth is a lot. satisfaction is more. health is everything! (Wisdom from Asia)
  • Sleep is to the whole human being what winding is to a clock. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

WhatsApp: Say get well soon with kind words

Wohlfühlen macht gesund

Kind words can increase well-being. Image: © Pexels/Renan Cajal 2022

Do you want to send a lot of love, but can't find the right words? Wishing you a speedy recovery via WhatsApp works particularly well with sentimental lines that are guaranteed to touch your heart. How to express your feelings appropriately:

  • Your illness isn't half as bad as you. I'm sure you'll recover quickly and I'm looking forward to seeing you!
  • Remember, you're still needed! When you're fit again, let's do something!
  • Feel hugged! Believe me, things will get better before you even know it!
  • This message is meant to put a smile on your face because I'm thinking of you! I'm here for you!
  • I'm counting the days until we can meet again! That's why you have to get well very quickly.
  • I heard you were unwell and I hope you feel better soon. Your name].
  • If you need anything, I'm here for you! Get well soon.

Image, audio and video sometimes say more than 1,000 words

Teenager machen ein Selfie

Get well soon greetings via picture or video are all the rage. Image: © Pexels/RODNAE Productions 2022

Of course, you can upgrade your WhatsApp get well wish with emojis – your text will instantly look nicer. But how about sending a picture of yourself instead? Perhaps holding an object that you associate with the person. This shows solidarity and complements our ideas for a clever get well wish. Incidentally, you collect the most plus points when the rhymes by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or Wilhelm Busch come from you via audio or video message.


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