Xiaomi's smart plug sweeps Amazon after a significant price drop

Xiaomi's smart plug sweeps Amazon after a significant price drop

Xiaomi Smart Power Plug , this is the name of Xiaomi's most famous smart plug and has not stopped accumulating sales on Amazon after lowering the price. Once again, this is again below 10 euros .

For only 9.99 euros we can buy the Xiaomi Smart Power Plug on Amazon . An offer of 33%, which will allow us to automate and make almost any electrical device smart in a simple way, as well as economically.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug, the best way to turn your home into a smart home

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug is a very compact and practical smart plug to use. It measures 9×5.2×7.3 cm and weighs only 115 grams , taking up less space than other competitive models.

El enchufe inteligente de Xiaomi arrasa en Amazon tras bajar por debajo de los 10 euros. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

Its operation is quite basic. Simply connect it to the electrical network of our home, plug in the device that we want to control and pair it via WiFi to our smartphone. It also integrates seamlessly with Google and Alexa voice assistants .

In addition, as is usual in this type of device, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug has various security systems in case of any electrical problem. Likewise, it allows us to manage automatic switch-on and payment schedules.

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