Find out if your Xiaomi is original or not with this infallible trick

Find out if your Xiaomi is original or not with this infallible trick

During the month of July, news emerged about how a police operation in China managed to find the whereabouts of warehouses full of counterfeit Xiaomi products. The criminals were marketing fake Redmi Buds 3 Lite earphones in the global market . This is not the first time that counterfeit products of the brand have gone on sale, so Xiaomi has implemented a foolproof trick to find out if your products are original or not .

Use Xiaomi's authentication service to find out if your product is original

Well-known brands like Xiaomi are not exempt from very low-quality counterfeits. This problem becomes increasingly serious over the years and can compromise millions of users around the world . For this reason, the manufacturer offers you an infallible web service with which you can check if your Xiaomi product is original or not.

Of course, if you purchased your product from an official store, you have nothing to worry about. The problem comes when we buy Xiaomi products in other stores . It could be something intentional or they were not aware that it was a fake. In either case, you could end up with a fake device in your hands.

To avoid unpleasant situations, Xiaomi has put a product authentication service on its web portal to check if they are original. In general, the brand's products come with a metallic scratch-off label on one side of the box. Behind this label is a 20-digit code , which you must enter in the verification tab of the portal.

So you can know if your Xiaomi is original or not

Then, it will be necessary to solve a security captcha and click on 'Verify'. In this way, the website will tell you if the Xiaomi product you have purchased is authentic or if it is an unreliable copy.

Likewise, the Xiaomi authentication service also allows you to check if the mobile you have bought is original by means of the IMEI code . To do this, you just have to go to the 'Verify the purchase of your phone' section.

With these simple methods, you will be able to ensure the reliability of your Xiaomi products and will allow you to take the necessary measures in case you are faced with a counterfeit . If you are interested in knowing similar tricks, remember that you can join our general chat on Telegram to receive more security content.

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