'Chibi Maruko-Chan': More Disc Release Details Revealed

'Chibi Maruko-Chan': More Disc Release Details Revealed

October 8, 2022

Earlier this year we reported that Hardball Films licensed and released the anime classic Chibi Maruko-Chan on disc. In the meantime, the first details about the planned disc release have been revealed.

The first volume of Chibi Maruko-Chan will therefore be available on December 1, 2022 as an HD Keep Case in a slipcase. This includes the first 26 episodes with German and Japanese voice output and stickers as an extra. It is not yet known when the other volumes of the anime series will be released.

In Germany, between August 28 and November 3, 2000, the free TV station Super RTL showed the first 52 episodes with German dubbing, before the station RTL II also broadcast Chibi Maruko-Chan from 2001.

The 142-episode first season, based on Momoko Sakura's shoujo manga of the same name and created by Studio Nippon Animation, ran in Japan from January 1990 to September 1992. A sequel started in January 1995 and currently has over 1,200 episodes.

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WHAT IS ALL ABOUT Chibi Maruko-Chan :

The greatest demon lord in history, Varvatos, has reigned as absolute ruler for several millennia. Now there is only one thing for him to do: enjoy the life of an average citizen!

When he's reborn as a villager in a nondescript town, everything seems to be going as he hoped – but there's just one small problem. Even if he's holding back, Varvatos is still too strong! Soon enough, rumors spread about him, and he's being approached by all sorts of men, women, and assailants. The quiet life he's always dreamed of seems a long way off…

Source : Amazon , Hardball Films Images: © Fuji Television Network, Inc.

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