Ambilight TVs: The Best Philips Backlit TVs

Ambilight TVs: The Best Philips Backlit TVs

Do you want to make your TV experience even more immersive? Then TVs with Ambilight are a strong option for you. You can find out what kind of technology this is and which Ambilight devices are recommended here!

What is Ambilight?

In a nutshell: Ambilight is an ambient lighting for televisions developed by Philips. Small lamps on the back of the TV emit light onto the area around the device. The lighting mood of the image is transferred to a larger field of view and automatically adapts to changes in the image.

So if you see a green forest on your screen, Ambilight is emitting green light. If the image changes to a deep blue lake, the background glows in blue. This ensures strong immersion and is easy on the eyes, since the strong contrast between the dark wall and the bright screen is softened by the gentle Ambilight.

You get this feature with Philips televisions and alternatively with Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrips. You can find out what the strips are all about in our video:

Our recommendation: Philips 55OLED706/12

55OLED70612 ambilight tv

The 55OLED70612 offers strong value for money. Image: © Philips 2022

The chic OLED TV 55OLED706/12 cuts a very good figure with its 55-inch display and strong UHD resolution. As is typical for OLED devices, the picture is extremely sharp due to the perfect black and the high contrast. The color depth is also immense.

The 55OLED706 also masters the HDR formats Dolby Vision and HDR10+ Adaptive, which noticeably enhances the picture of the Ambilight television again.

Gamers will be happy about the refresh rate of 120 Hz, the short response time and the low input lag (input delay) . The Smart TV from Philips has two HDMI 2.1 interfaces. You can connect a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S to it and call up the full power of the console – HDMI 2.1 transmits 4K content at 120 FPS.

In addition to the four HDMI connections, the Ambilight TV has three USB sockets, an antenna connection, a digital audio output, a headphone connection, a LAN port and a CI+ slot for smart cards.

Fans of language assistants will also be happy with the television, Google Assistant and Alexa from Amazon are integrated – as with all models presented here. Only the 32PFS6906 only has the Google Assistant.

A small shortcoming of the 55OLED706 is the sound. The speakers are sufficient for afternoon entertainment, but an additional soundbar or hi-fi system is recommended for full enjoyment of films and series.

Philips 55 inch OLED TV Buy now at

Philips 32PFS6906 LED TV: small and beautiful

32PFS6906 ambilight tv

With the 32PFS6906 you get a compact TV with Ambilight. Image: © Philips 2022

Are you looking for a smaller TV with Ambilight? The 32-inch model 32PFS6906 has a Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 50 Hz – this gives you a good TV experience in small rooms. In addition, the device has the image optimizations HDR10, Pixel Plus HD and Hybrid Log-Gamma. Another plus of the compact LED television is the large number of connections: It is equipped with three HDMI connections, two USB ports, a digital audio output, a headphone connection and a connection for a LAN cable.

The LED TV is ideal for enjoying the full Ambilight effects in smaller rooms. A soundbar can also be added to the 32PFS6906 for a really rich sound.

Philips 32 inch LED TV Buy now at

Philips 48OLED806: Strong image quality thanks to the OLED display


The 48OLED806 displays razor-sharp images and great contrast values. Image: © Philips 2022

Like the 55OLED706, this Ambilight TV offers an OLED panel. This promises a beautiful picture with high contrasts, rich black and vibrant colors – together with the UHD resolution, the display is a feast for the eyes. In addition, there are the image improvement features HDR10+, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Gamma-Log.

At 100 Hz, the refresh rate of the 48-inch model is slightly lower than that of the 55-inch variant. Gamers still get their money's worth thanks to HDMI 2.1 and the variable frame rate (VRR). The Ambilight TV with its four HDMI connections, three USB sockets, LAN connection, satellite connection, digital audio output and headphone connection is also easy to connect.

If you are looking for a powerful 48-inch OLED device with Ambilight, look no further than this Philips model.

Philips 48 inch OLED TV Buy now at

Philips 65OLED856/12: Pure gaming power


Gamers are guaranteed to be happy with the 65OLED85612. Image: © Philips 2022

If you are looking for a large TV to play with, the 65OLED856/12 is worth a look. Its large 65-inch screen diagonal, together with the UHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) and the four-sided Ambilight, ensure an immersive gaming experience. The OLED display shows the virtual worlds of games like "Cyberpunk 2077" and "Apex Legends" in bright colors, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and Hybrid Log-Gamma complete the package.

Thanks to the strong refresh rate of 120 Hz and HDMI 2.1, your games not only look pretty, but also run wonderfully smoothly. The automatic switch to a low-latency mode when starting a game also ensures an optimal gaming experience, especially in combination with the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. VRR in the form of FreeSync also guarantees that the Ambilight TV also displays games with less FPS smoothly – provided your gaming platform is designed for VRR.

In addition to the HDMI 2.1 ports, the 65OLED856/12 has three USB ports, a digital audio output and a headphone jack. There is also a satellite connection, LAN port and CI+ slot.

Philips 65 inch OLED TV Buy it now at

Huge Ambilight TV for enthusiasts: Philips 86PUS8807/12


XXL format: the 86PUS8807/12 with 86 inches. Image: © Philips 2022

It doesn't get any bigger! With its immense 86-inch screen diagonal, the LED TV from Philips is a giant among televisions. With such a large device, a high resolution is required for razor-sharp images – it is ideal that the TV displays 3,840 x 2,160 pixels in UHD. This resolution paired with Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and Hybrid Log-Gamma ensures an ingenious film and series experience.

With the native refresh rate of 120 Hz and the two HDMI 2.1 ports that support FreeSync Premium VRR technology, the 86PUS8807/12 also offers the perfect conditions for an impressive gaming experience when gaming.

The smart TV works with version 11 of the Android TV 11 operating system, which mainly features improvements in the areas of performance and privacy.

You will also find plenty of connections on this device: four HDMI sockets, two USB ports, a satellite connection, a CI+ slot, a headphone connection and a digital audio output let you connect all your devices to the TV. You can also use EasyLink to easily control compatible devices using the TV remote control.

The only "problem" with the 86PUS8807/12: You shouldn't set this giant up alone, it weighs almost 50 kg.

Philips 86 inch LED TV Buy now at


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