Shoot 'em up Cuphead receives physical retail version

Shoot 'em up Cuphead receives physical retail version

October 4, 2022

The indie hit Cuphead has meanwhile blossomed into an absolute cult game. Until now, however, you could only purchase the heavy shoot-'em-up in the hand-drawn retro style as a download. For Cuphead's 5th anniversary, label iam8Bit has announced a physical retail version of the game.

This is to appear on an as yet unknown date for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It is not yet known whether and when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will also be served.

However, what is made very clear in the tweet: In addition to the main game, the physical version also contains the DLC The Delicious Last Course , which was only released at the end of June 2022. The label iam8Bit is known for its particularly lovingly designed collector's items and limited editions, but we currently don't know anything about further details about the scope of the editions and any bonuses. A sale date is still pending. However, more information will follow shortly.

Cuphead from developer and publisher StudioMDHR was first released on September 29, 2017 for PC and Xbox One. In the years that followed, it was ported to other consoles.



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This is what Cuphead is all about:

Cuphead is a shoot-em-up developed and published by Canadian development studio Studio MDHR Entertainment. In the role of the two brothers "Cuphead" and "Mugman " or "Tassilo" and "Pottkopp", you fight different bosses to settle a debt with the devil. The game is known for its extreme level of difficulty and can also be played with a friend in full co-op mode. But that doesn't make it any easier either. In the game you play your way through different levels, which consist almost exclusively of boss fights, which also have several phases. You can continuously fire shots and have a jump and sprint ability that you can use at any time. In addition, as the game progresses you unlock amulets and weapons that grant you special abilities and other bonuses and help you master the game. Visually, Cuphead is strongly based on cartoons from the 1930s.

Source: Twitter   Images: © 2022 | Studio MDHR

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