Xiaomi would be working on a new mobile with SLR camera

Xiaomi would be working on a new mobile with SLR camera

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra , the brand's first device under the association with Leica , was quite a sensation for its photographic section. Now, the Digital Chat Station informant affirms, through his Weibo profile, that Xiaomi is working on a camera for smartphones very similar to SLR cameras .

Such an affirmation arises from a recent patent of the Chinese company. In this, a new zoom system can be seen, but the document also describes a mobile device with a single main camera module .

Are SLR cameras coming for Xiaomi mobiles?

Currently, mobile phones with multiple sensors are the trend that many manufacturers are betting on in the market for their camera systems. Something that seems to be very good, but where there is always room for innovation.

Filtered patent with a new mobile with Xiaomi SLR camera

Already in the past, Samsung had opted for SLR cameras in devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom or the K Zoom . However, these ended up being very heavy mobiles. Now, if the leaked patent turns out to be true and its image sensor turns out to be of very high quality, Xiaomi is likely to change the trend.

Samsung Galaxy S4 ZOOM with SLR camera, the new thing that could come to Xiaomi.
Samsung Galaxy S4 ZOOM

It's worth remembering that Digital Chat Station has been behind other major leaks . Such are the cases like the reveals of the Redmi Pad and the features of the Redmi K50 series . Therefore, although there are no official words from Xiaomi about SLR cameras, it could be said that there is some truth in the Weibo user's words.

Everything seems to indicate that the machinery of Xiaomi is far from stopping . News of the Xiaomi 13 , MIUI 14 and many other new devices do not stop carrying. For this reason, we invite you to follow us on the social networks of XIAOMIADICTOS so as not to miss what is to come.

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